1988 Happy Holiday Barbie

1988 Happy Holiday Barbie is a very significant doll in Barbie's history and many Barbie collectors will eventually aspire to have her in their own collection.  The doll is the typical "1966 Barbie" with tons of big blonde hair and the superstar face.  Her holiday gown is made of red tulle accented with glitter and a white satin bow at the waist.  She has a big silver bow in her hair.

The 1988 Happy Holiday Barbie is considered
to be 
the first collectible Barbie.

This considered to be the first "Collectible Barbie", although it wasn't originally planned that way.  When this doll hit the market, it sold out rapidly and almost immediately began to command big prices on the secondary market. Based on the popularity of that doll, Mattel realized there was a huge market for Barbie Dolls for adult collectors and they began to make more and more dolls for that market.

Despite that, the values for this doll (as well as many/most) on the secondary market have fallen significantly over the last ten or so years.

1988 Happy Holidays Barbie

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In 1996 Hallmark issued the 1988 Holiday Barbie Ornament as a Collector's Club exclusive

In 1996, Hallmark issued the 1988 Holiday Barbie Ornament as a Collector's Club exclusive.

Based on the 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie doll, this festive Chirstmas decoration is the first ornament in the Happy Holidays Club Edition Barbie series.

1988 Happy Holidays Barbie NRFB
1988 Happy Holidays Barbie Back of Box

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