Vintage Barbie Reproductions

1994 35th Anniversary Vintage Barbie Reproduction
Ken and Barbie Wedding Day Set Reproduction

Vintage Barbie Reproductions are among some of the most popular and successful Collectible Barbie Dolls. Mattel issued the first Vintage Reproductions in 1994 to celebrate Barbie's 35th birthday. Since then there has been at least one repro issued each year, with a record of six released in 2006.  Each of these includes a remake of a vintage doll and ensemble. 

Many collectors not only collect the dolls as they are, but buy extras to use the dolls to model and display the vintage and mod ensembles they have collected. 

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1994 35th Anniversary
#1 Barbie

35th Anniversary Gift Set

35th Anniversary Gift Set

1995 Busy Gal

1995 Solo in the Spotlight

1996 30th Anniversary Francie

1996 Enchanted Evening

1996 Poodle Parade

1997 Fashion Luncheon

1997 Wedding Day

1997 35th Anniversary Midge

1997 The Wild Bunch Francie

 1998 Twist 'N Turn

1998 Silken Flame 

1999 Commuter Set 

1999 Twist 'N Turn Redhead 

1999 Far Out TNT Reproduction

2000 Sophisticated Lady 

2001 Suburban Shopper 

2002 Gold 'N Glamour

2002 Malibu Barbie

2003 Gay Parisienne 

2004 Color Magic 

2004 Open Road 

2004 Plantation Belle

2005 Evening Splendor 

2005 Smashin’ Satin 

2006 All That Jazz 

2006 45th Anniversary Ken Doll 

2006 Career Girl

2006 Friday Night Dream Date Barbie & Ken Gift Set

  2006 Made For Each Other 

2006 Picnic Set 

2006 Stacey Nite Lightning 

2007 Barbie Learns to Cook

2007 Evening Gala 

2007 Sleepytime Gal (also includes Fashion Editor)

Knitting Pretty Vintage Barbie Reproduction

2007 Barbie & Skipper Knitting Pretty Gift Set

Red, White & Warm

2007 Red, White 'n Warm Christie Reproduction

Campus Sweetheart Vintage Barbie Reproduction

2008 Campus Sweetheart Reproduction

2008 Campus Spirit Barbie & Ken Giftset 

2008 Campus Sweet Shop Giftset

2009 My Favorite Barbie Ponytail

2009 50th Anniversary Brunette Bubblecut Reproduction

2009 50th Anniversary TNT Barbie Reproduction

2009 50th Anniversary Malibu Barbie Reproduction

2009 50th Anniversary Superstar Barbie Reproduction

2009 50th Anniversary Barbie and the Rockers Reproduction

2009 Mod Party Becky

2009 Julia Doll Reproduction

2009 Barbie Sparkling Pink Gift Set

2009 Ken & Barbie Wedding Day Gift Set

2010 My Favorite Barbie Dancing Doll Giftset

2010 My Favorite Barbie Black Barbie Giftset

2010 My Favorite Barbie Peaches 'n Cream

2010 My Favorite Barbie Pan American Airways Stewardess

2010 Vintage Careers Registered Nurse

2010 Vintage Careers Student Teacher

 2010 Vintage Careers Miss Astronaut

2010 My Favorite Barbie American Girl Reproduction

2010 My Favorite Barbie Fashion Queen Reproduction

2011 My Favorite Ken

2011 My Favorite Ken
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2012 Let's Play Barbie
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Barbie and Midge 50th Anniversary Gift Set

2013 Barbie and Midge 50th Anniversary Gift Set
(view on eBay - Amazon)

Barbie and Midge Double Doll Case

2013 Barbie and Midge Double Doll Case

(view on eBay)

Skipper 50th Anniversary Doll

2014 Skipper Happy Birthday Reproduction

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