#1, #2 Ponytails

Number One and Two Ponytail 
Vintage Barbie Doll

#1 Barbie Ponytail wearing Wedding Day Set

Number One and Two Ponytail Vintage Barbie Doll - Vintage Barbie Ponytail Dolls were issued from 1959 to 1966. The First Barbie Doll was introduced to the world at the New York Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. Her design evolved over the years and there are 7 different ponytail Barbie variations. These are known by their numbers - #1, #2, #3, etc.  

As a general rule, the lower the number the more valuable the doll. 

The only difference between #1 and #2 is their legs.  The first Barbie had copper tubes in her legs and holes in her feet to fit her stand.  The second version didn't have the tubes/holes and had a wire stand.
Below are pictures and descriptions of the #1 and #2. 

#1 Barbie Ponytails - 1959 - First Barbie Doll
#1 Blonde Ponytail Barbie
#1 Brunette Ponytail Barbie 1959

Model #

Issue Date:

Box Date:

Hair Colors:
Blonde, Brunette

Eyes had white irises and heavy black eyeliner.  Brows were blonde or brown.  Red Lips and blush.

#1 Ponytail Barbie in original swimsuit & box

Black & White Striped Swimsuit 
Gold Hoop Earrings 
White Sunglasses with Blue Lens 
Black Open Toe Heels - The first Barbie shoes had holes in the bottom to accommodate her stand.

#1 Blonde Shoes with holes for stand
#1 Burnette Ponytail Barbie wearing Evening Splendour

#1 - Black plastic disk stand with two metal prongs
#2 - Black wire stand

Body Markings:
Barbie T.M. 

#1 Barbie stand
#1 Barbie feet

#1 Barbie had holes in the bottom of her feet and shoes to accommodate her stand. #2 Barbie did not have the holes and had a different stand.

#1 Barbie Stand had prongs that inserted into the copper tubes in Barbie's feet to make her stand.  These are hard to find - this one sold for $680 in June 2013.

#1 Barbie Reproductions

#1 Barbie wearing Gay Parisenne
#1 Barbie wearing Resort Set
#1 Barbie Blonde Ponytail
#1 Brunette Barbie ponytail

Here are the current listings:

#1 1959 Vintage Barbie with stand & wardrobe

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