Vintage Barbie Roman Holiday

Vintage Barbie Roman Holiday is one of three ensembles that were made only in 1959 and is therefore very rare.  This outfit was included in the first Mattel flyer and was found only in the 1959 catalog.  The design was carefully tailored and authentic in every detail with an original retail price of $4.00  

Vintage Barbie Roman Holiday

Cruise Stripes Dress
White Belt
Red & White Striped Coat
Red Straw Hat
Pearl Drop Necklace
Short White Gloves
White Vinyl Clutch Purse
White Hanky
Pink Comb
Black Open Toe Heels
Black Glasses
White Vinyl Glasses Case
Brass Compact With Puff

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Vintage Barbie Roman Holiday included a tiny brass compact - one of the “holy grails” of vintage doll collecting.  Only 3/8” in diameter, this highly sought treasure is engraved with the famous “B” on top.  It is hinged and contains a mirror and a tiny pink puff.

Vintage Barbie Roman Holiday Collectibles

Even though this ensemble was made only one year, it was well represented in collectibles.  Vintage Barbie Roman Holiday was beautifully portrayed in everything from Christmas ornaments to a 1994 reproduction.  Taking inspiration from the past, these collectibles have become Collector favorites.

2007 Roman Holiday Barbie Ornament.
This Hallmark Keepsake Ornament was number fourteen in the Collector's Series.  Once again, the Vintage Roman Holiday ensemble was impeccably represented by the artist, Patricia Andrews.

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1994 35th Anniversary Reproduction.
Mattel issued a reproduction of this ensemble in the 1994 35th Anniversary Gift Set.  Along with Roman Holiday, the set included a reproduction of Barbie's Easter Parade outfit and a vinyl reproduction of the 1959 Barbie doll.  

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1993 Enesco Fashion Collection Figurine
From Barbie with Love, came this beautiful porcelain figurine wearing Roman Holiday, one of the most popular fashions of 1959.  Each figurine came with a serial number marked on the bottom, along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Collectible Barbie Roman Holiday Plate
From Barbie with Love, came this Roman Holiday 1962 Collector's Plate that was produced in 1993 by Enesco.  These 4.25 inch mini plates came boxed with an easel included.

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