Vintage Barbie Dolls
1959 to 1966

Vintage Barbie dolls show off the best characteristics of nostalgia.  Everyone loves to reminisce and for fashion doll collectors, memory lane leads directly to Barbie's of the past.  Simply being old is only part of it.  It's the hair, makeup and fashion statements that so perfectly define the styles of a favorite period of time.  From the bubblecut to the swirly ponytail, Barbie doll memories are here for the sharing.

Step back in time and get to know the creative
world of vintage Barbie dolls.

The first Vintage Barbie Dolls were released in 1959.  Here is a detailed chronological history of Barbie Dolls from 1959 to 1966.  Each doll has its own page with pictures and detailed information.  Also included are Barbie's  same sized best friend, Midge.  For Barbie Dolls and Friends from the Mod Era (1967 to 1975), see Mod Barbie Dolls.

Vintage Ponytail Barbie Doll in Zebra Swimsuit

Vintage Barbie Ponytail Dolls
1959 - 1964

Vintage Barbie Ponytail Dolls

Vintage Barbie ponytail dolls were issued from 1959 to 1966. Her design evolved over the years and there are 7 different variations. These are known by their numbers - #1, #2, #3, etc.  As a general rule, the lower the number the more valuable the doll.

Vintage Barbie Ponytail Dolls  - includes all the ponytail dolls information to help you decide which one you have.

#1 and #2 Vintage Barbie Ponytail Dolls (1959)

#3, #4 and #5 Vintage Barbie Ponytail Dolls (1960 - 1961)

#6 & #7 Vintage Barbie Ponytail Dolls (1962 - 1964).

Vintage Barbie Bubblecut Dolls
1961 - 1967

Barbie's new look in 1961, said to be influenced by the 1st lady Jackie Kennedy, the fashion icon of the time, was a short style called a Bubblecut.  Bubblecut Barbie dolls were sold from 1961 to 1967. Although collectors do not often distinguish the different faces like they do with the ponytail, the Bubblecut's face underwent the same transformation as the ponytail. The first Bubblecut had a small tight hairstyle. As the years progressed her hair got fuller and fuller.

 Vintage Barbie Bubblecut Dolls

Fashion Queen Vintage Barbie Dolls

Fashion Queen Barbie - 1963

Wigs were a popular fashion item in the early to mid-1960s.  Fashion Queen Barbie had molded painted hair and came with three wigs.

One of the highlights of my elementary school days was when my teacher's wig fell off into the trash can.  When I think of wigs I always remember that!  Hopefully Barbie had better luck!

Vintage Barbie Fashion Queen Dolls

Barbie Swirl Ponytail

Barbie Swirl Ponytail - 1964

In 1964 the glamorous Swirl ponytail Barbie was introduced, signaling the beginning of Barbie's truly glamorous period that lasted until Barbie went "Mod" in 1967.

The dolls, clothing and accessories from the glam years of 1964 to 1966 are among the most highly sought by collectors, and therefore the most valuable.

Vintage Barbie Swirl Ponytail Dolls

Miss Barbie

Miss Barbie was the first doll with bendable legs and the only Barbie doll with "sleep" eyes that could open and close.

She was also the first to have molded hair (instead of rooted) - she came with three wigs and a lawn swing and accessories.

Vintage Barbie Doll Miss Barbie

American Girl Barbie
1965 - 1966

American Girl Barbie  (1965 - 1966)

The American Girl Barbie, named for her hair style, represents the peak of Barbie's glamour and elegance.  The American Girl Barbie and her 1600 series ensembles are the most glamorous and the most coveted by collectors.  No surprise they are also among the most valuable.

Vintage American Girl Barbie Doll

Color Magic Barbie

Color Magic Barbie came with either Golden Blonde or Midnight Black hair that changed to either Scarlet Flame or Ruby Red when the enclosed solution was applied.  This is one of the hardest to find, and therefore most expensive vintage Barbie dolls.  Some Color Magic Barbie are considered "high color" with very vivid makeup.  These are generally more valuable.

Vintage Color Magic Barbie Doll

Vintage Midge Dolls

Vintage Midge Dolls

Vintage Straight Leg Midge Doll (1963 to 1966)

Vintage Wig Wardrobe Midge (1964)

Vintage Bendable Leg Midge (1965)

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