Vintage Barbie Fashion Queen Dolls

Vintage Barbie Fashion Queen Doll

Vintage Barbie Fashion Queen Dolls were released in 1963.

Wigs were a popular fashion item in the early to mid-1960s. Fashion Queen Barbie had molded painted hair and came with three wigs.

One of the highlights of my elementary school days was when my teacher's wig fell off into the trash can. When I think of wigs I always remember that! Hopefully Barbie had better luck!

Issue Date:
1963 to 1965

Box Date:

Hair Colors: 
Molded hair painted brown with removable blue band

Blue eyes, brown eyebrows, coral or pink lips

Vintage Barbie Fashion Queen Doll Box

Gold & white striped strapless swimsuit with matching turban
Pearl Stud Earrings 
White Open Toe Heels

Black Wire Stand

Body Markings: 
Midge T.M. 
Mattel, Inc. 
(In 1964 added the word "Patented")

Fashion Queen Barbie also came with a white plastic wig stand and three wigs: red flip, brunette pageboy and blonde bubble.

Mattel issued a Fashion Queen Reproduction in 2010 as part of the My Favorite Barbie series.

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