2010 My Favorite Barbie
Fashion Queen Reproduction

My Favorite Barbie Fashion Queen Reproduction was released in June 2010.

This is a faithful reproduction of the 1963 Vintage Fashion Queen Barbie Doll. It includes a reproduction of the original white and gold striped lame strapless swimsuit and turban, white open toe shoes and her three wigs and her wig stand.

When this doll was announced, it was said that she would also include a reissue vintage ensemble, but she does not.

Wigs were very popular in the mid-1960s and Barbie's represent the most popular hair styles of the era - red flip, brunette page boy and blonde bubble cut.

As part of the My Favorite Barbie series, this doll is in the wonderful box that includes the date in the corner (1963) and a reproduction Barbie booklet.

I love these boxes because they have a lift off cover - you can see and touch the items without deboxing them and they are wonderful for display.

The My Favorite Barbie series began in 2009 to celebrate Barbie's 50th anniversary. I hope it continues for a long time!

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