Trikey Triddle Liddle Kiddle

Trikey Triddle Liddle Kiddle

Trikey Triddle #3515 (1967) is 2⅞" tall and  red curly ponytails tied with ribbons and blue eyes.  Her body is marked : 1965, Mattel, Inc. Japan.

Trikey Triddle wearing  Red Polka Dot Dress

Trikey was in the second series of ten of the original 24 Liddle Kiddles.  Her stock number was 3515 and she was released in 1967. 

She is wearing a sleeveless dress with attached panties (they are the same fabric as the dress) and a white vinyl collar.  It can be found in two different colors. The one that seems to be found the most often is a pink, white and green floral print, the other is a red and white polka dot print.

Trikey Triddle wearing Floral Dress

Both dresses are the same cut, the collar ties in the back with a ribbon. The floral dress has a green ribbon, the red dress has a blue one.  She has matching ribbons on her pigtails.  She has red T-strap shoes that do not have cut-outs, they are marked JAPAN on the bottom.

She came with a blue tricycle with white wheels and pink handlebars along with a pink plastic balloon that attaches to her wrist with a white plastic "string". The trike seat has an attached seat belt and is marked Liddle Kiddles.

Trikey is on the cover of her book along with Surfy Skiddle and Sizzly Friddle, She came with a pink brush and comb.

Trikey Triddle Accessories

Trikey Triddle Blue Tricycle

Blue Tricycle
It is rare to find a trike with the seat belt still on it, most are missing.

Trikey Triddle Pink Balloon

Pink Balloon

Trikey Triddle Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Trikey Triddle Book

Trikey's Book

Trikey Triddle Book Page
Trikey Triddle Book Page

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