Vintage Little Kiddles - Liddle Kiddles

Vintage Little Kiddles  - Liddle Kiddles were introduced by Mattel in 1966.  They were tiny dolls, ranging from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches tall, with pose-able limbs and rooted hair.  Designed to resemble children in neighborhoods across America, different hairstyles and painted facial features made them unique.  In 1968, The Little Kiddle Talking Town House gave Vintage Little Kiddles a place to live and provided children a fun place to play out their fantasies. 

Little Kiddles Klub House Case

Here you will find Vintage Little Kiddles 
grouped and named that will capture your attention
and become some of your favorites.

The Original 24

These were the first Liddle Kiddles introduced. They were made by Mattel from 1966 to 1968. They were packaged on cardboard inside a clear plastic bubble.  Each doll had rooted hair and came with accessories and a storybook, most of them came with a comb.

Original Liddle Kiddles - 1966

They are 2½ to 3½ inches tall, and have pose-able arms and legs.

They are all marked : 1965, Mattel, Inc. Japan.

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Original Liddle Kiddles

Storybook Kiddles 1967 - 1968

Peter Paniddle 1968

Produced in 1967 and 1968, there were seven storybook kiddles in all.  They were all 3 1/2" tall.  They all came with adorable props.

Alice Wonderliddle 1968
Cinderiddle - Poor & Rich 1968
Liddle Biddle Peep 1968
Liddle Middle Muffet  1967-68
Liddle Red Riding Hiddle 1967-68
Peter Paniddle 1968
Sleeping Biddle 1968

Locket Kiddles 1967-1970

Lucky Locket Kiddles

All of the locket dolls are 2 inches tall.  The locket frames were either gold or brightly colored.

Larky Locket
Laverne Locket
Lilac Locket
Liz Locket
Lois Locket
Lola Locket
Lorelei Locket
Loretta Locket
Lorna Locket
Lottie Locket
Lou Locket
Louise Locket
Luana Locket

Animiddle Kiddles 1969 - 1970

All are 2"tall. The Funny Bunnies were made for Easter.  They all came with a little safety pin through their back, so they could be worn like a brooch.

Animiddle Kiddles

Dainty Deer
Lucky Lion
Tiny Tiger
Miss Mouse

Funny Bunnies:
Blue Funny Bunny
Pink Funny Bunny
Yellow Funny Bunny

Animiddle Kiddles

Liddle Baby Kiddles

Liddle Baby Kiddles

Were made in 1970. They are 2 1/2" tall.

Baby Din Din
Baby Rockaway
Nappytime Baby
Teeter Time Baby

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Kiddles

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Kiddles

A set of four Kiddles made in 1969. They are packaged on a card that measures 10" X 9" that opens into a storybook. Each of the four dolls also has a stand included in the set.

Truly Scrumptious - 2" tall
Mr. Potts - 2" tall
Jeremy - 7/8" tall
Jemima - 7/8" tall

Holiday Kiddles

Holiday Liddle Kiddles

They were made in 1968 and 1969 and included Kiddles for Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter.

Santa Kiddle
Luvvy Duvvy Kiddle
Funny Bunnies

Holiday Kiddles

Kiddles 'N Kars - 1969-1970

Henrietta Horseless Carriage Liddle Kiddle

Henrietta Horseless Carriage
Lenore Limousine
Rosemary Roadster
Teresa Touring Car

Kiddle Kolognes - 1968-1970

Kiddle Kolognes - Rosebud

Apple Blossom
Lily of the Valley
Orange Blossom
Sweet Pea

Kola Kiddles - 1968-1969

Kola Kiddles

Luscious Lime

Laffy Lemon
Shirley Strawberry
Kleo Kola
Olivia Orange
Greta Grape

Kola Kiddles

Vintage Little Kiddles Jewelry Kiddles - 1968 - 1970

Vintage Jewelry Kiddles

Flower Ring
Flower Pin
Flower Bracelet
Flower Necklace 

Heart Ring
Heart Pin
Heart Bracelet
Heart Necklace

Vintage Jewelry Kiddles

Skediddle Kiddles - 1968-1970

A pusher is attached to their backs, which makes them walk - their legs, arms and head move. They are 4 inches tall.

Vintage Skediddle Kiddles

Anabelle Autodiddle
Cherry Blossom
Fritzi Frosti Wagon
Harriet Helididdle
Heather Hiddlehorse
Lickety Spliddle Skediddle
Rah Rah
Tessie Tractor
Tracy Trikediddle

Tea Party Kiddles 1970 - 1971

Tea Party Kiddles

Lady Crimson
Lady Lace
Lady Lavender
Lady Silver

Playhouse Kiddles - 1970

Each 3-1/2 inch doll came with a small room that included furniture. The rooms could be stacked to make a little house.

Pretty Parlor
Cookin' Hiddle
Goodnight Kiddle

 Storybook Sweethearts 1969 - 1970

Juliet Liddle Kiddle

King & Queen of Hearts
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Prince & Rapunzel
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Robin Hood & Maid Marion
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Romeo & Juliette

Sweet Treat Kiddles 1969 - 1970

Sweet Treat Kiddles

Kones: See on eBay
Frosty Mint Kone
Orange Ice Kone
Tutti Fruiti Kone

Lolli-Pops: See on eBay

Sweet Treat Kiddles

Mini-Kiddle Pop-Ups 1968

The dolls are the same ones as the Jewelry Vintage Little Kiddles.

Fairytale Castle
Gingerbread House
Soda Parlor
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Kozmic Kiddles 1969 - 1970

Kozmic Kiddles

Bluey Blooper
Greenie Meenie
Purple Gurple
Yello Fello
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Zoolery Kiddles 1969 - 1970

Each Kiddle is either a bracelet or necklace, they came in old fashioned circus train cars that could be connected.

Brawny Bear
Chummy Chimp
Little Lion
Playful Panther
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