1990 Happy Holiday Barbie

The 1990 Happy Holiday Barbie was the 3rd in the Happy Holiday Series and therefore was the third Holiday Barbie.

She is wearing a Fuchsia gown has a dropped waist with a huge layered skirt that has glittery silvery accents. Her huge poufed sleeves match the skirt. She has a hair ornament that matched the larger ornament in her box.

This doll was also available in an African American version - which I think is the first African American Holiday Barbie Doll.

These dolls seem to have minimal value on today's secondary market - there seem to be plenty of them available and they are selling a low prices - perhaps even lower than the original price, although I'm not sure what they sold for in 1990. Now seems to be a really good time if you've been wanting to pick one up!

Hallmark made the matching ornament to this doll as a 1998 Collector's Club Limited Edition.

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