Vintage Barbie 1961 - 1962

Vintage Barbie 1961 - 1962 enjoyed many memorable changes.  1961 saw the arrival of Barbie's ultimate accessory - Ken!  Kenneth Sean Carson became the second character and the focus of affection for Barbie.  Also, eight new ensembles were introduced in 1961, with a total of thirty available for her wardrobe in 1961.  In 1962, Barbie got a new hairdo and the Bubblecut Barbie was added to the line.  Barbie also received eight new ensembles, and an additional twenty-eight were carried over from previous years.  Also the "Pak" concept, with mix-and-match items, were introduced for both Barbie and Ken.

Vintage Barbie and Ken catalog cover

Vintage Barbie 1961 - 1962 Dolls & Fashions

The early sixties was an exciting time for Barbie.  In 1961, Mattel created a Barbie fan club to unite those linked by their love for Barbie.  From a new bubblecut hairstyle to a new man in Barbie's life, there was no shortage of firsts.  Here you will find vintage Barbie 1961 - 1962 collectibles that will give you an idea of what an impressive time it was.


Barbie Doll - Ponytail #5

Here is a list of 1961 Ensembles with thumbnail pictures),  Click on link to see individual ensemble details.

American Airlines Stewardess #984 (1961-1964)

Ballerina #989 (1961-1965)

Barbie Doll Accessories #923 (1961-1962)

Open Road #985 (1961-1962)

Orange Blossom #987 (1961-1964)

Registered Nurse #991(1961-1964)

Sheath Sensation #986 (1961-1964)

Singing In The Shower #988 (1961-1962)

Vintage Barbie Open Road

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Vintage Barbie Mood for Music

Barbie Dolls - Ponytail #6 Bubblecut 

Here is a list of 1962 Ensembles with thumbnail pictures).  Click on link to see individual ensemble details. 

After Five #934 (1962-1964)

Garden Party #931 (1962-1963)

Ice Breaker #942 (1962-1964)

Mood For Music #940 (1962-1963)

Movie Date #933 (1962-1963)

Red Flare #939 (1962-1965)

Sorority Meeting #937 (1962-1963)

Tennis Anyone? #941 (1962-1964)

1962 Fashion Pak Items

Fashion Paks were introduced in 1962. Instead of complete ensembles, there were either single items or accessories. They were color coordinated and allowed Barbie to have a larger wardrobe by mixing and matching. 

Apron and Utensils (1962-1963)

Belle Dress (1962-1963)

Cardigan Sweater (1962-1963)

Helenca Swimsuit (1962-1963)

Lingerie Pak 1962-1963)

Polka dot Sheath Dress (1962-1963)

Silk Sheath Dress(1962-1963)

Slip, Panties, Bra (1962-1963)

Square Neck Sweater (1962)

T-Shirt & Shorts (1962-1963)

Two-Piece Pajamas (1962-1963)

Purse Pak (1962-1963)

Cotton Mix & Match Group (1962-1963)

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