Vintage Stacey Dolls

Vintage Stacey Dolls were introduced in 1968, as Barbie's new "cool" Mod friend.  She hailed from the Mod Mecca of hipness - Great Britian.  There were two versions - TNT (Twist 'n Turn) and Talking Stacey with a British accent.  Between 1968 and 1971, there were three different TNT Stacey versions and two different Talking Staceys.  Through the years, Stacey had three different hairstyles - the TNT version had a long ponytail in 1968 and a short bob from 1969 to 1971.  Talking Stacey had a side ponytail.  She was permanently retired after 1971.

Vintage TNT Stacey Doll

Vintage Stacey Dolls and Accessories

After Vintage Barbie Dolls, Stacey remains among the most popular and desired dolls among collectors. This along with the fact that each version was produced for only one to two years and therefore harder to find than other dolls, makes her one of the more valuable dolls to acquire.

TNT Stacey

TNT Stacey had two different hairstyles
and three different swimsuits.
For more details - TNT Stacey Doll

TNT Stacey Dolls

Talking Stacey

Talking Stacey had a side ponytail
and two different swimsuits.
For more details - Talking Stacey

Talking Stacey Dolls

Stacey Gift Sets

There were two different gift sets produced.  Both were Sear's Exclusive Sets that included a TNT Stacey and an ensemble with a Stacey tag.

Stripes Are Happenin'
Gift Set

Stacey 1968 Stripes Are Happenin' Gift Set

For more details - 
Stripes Are Happening

Nite Lightning
Gift Set

Stacey 1969 Night Lightning Gift Set

For more details - 
Stacey Nite Lightning

Nite Lightning

Stacey Night Lightning Reproduction

For more details -
Nite Lightning Reproduction

Stacey Cases

Stacey appeared on these four different cases: 

Single Case
Features a redhead ("Copper Penny") doll
in a plaid dress with a mod border. 
The dress is actually a Francie Dress
called Mini-Chex!

Stacey Single Doll Case

Barbie, Stacey & Francie Trunk
A Blonde TNT Stacey
(still in that plaid dress!)
along with
Barbie and Francie.

Barbie, Stacey & Francie Trunk

Double Barbie & Stacey Case
Features the same Stacey as above along with a Blonde TNT Barbie wearing Swirly Cue

Stacey and Barbie Double Doll Cases

Barbie & Stacey Sleep & Keep Case

There were two versions.  The one pictured on the right, along with the inside of the case is much harder to find.

Barbie & Stacey Sleep & Keep Case

Barbie & Stacey Sleep & Keep Case

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