Mod Barbie Dolls 1967 to 1972

Twist 'n Turn Mod Barbie Doll

In 1967, the first Mod Barbie Dolls were released.  Twist 'n Turn Barbie Dolls featured long straight hair and her wardrobe had a total makeover.

Because of the bendable legs and the twist and turn waist, these dolls were commonly referred to as TNT Barbie.   Rooted eyelashes and changeable clothing were additional features.

For Vintage Barbie and Midge Dolls from 1959 to 1966  see Vintage Barbie Dolls.

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Twist 'n Turn Mod Barbie Doll

Mod Barbie Dolls celebrate
movement and style as never before.

Below is a detailed chronological history of the Mod Era from 1967 to 1972.  Each doll has its own page with pictures and detailed information.  Also available are Barbie's same sized Mod Friends who shared Barbie's clothes, including: Stacey, Julia, Christie, PJ, Steffie and Kelley.

Barbie Twist 'n Turn (TNT) (1967-1968)

The release of the Vintage Twist n Turn Barbie Doll, also called TNT by collectors,  was the beginning of the Mod Barbie Dolls Era. 

Vintage Hair Fair

Hair Fair Barbie was not a doll, just a Barbie head with wigs, hairpieces and accessories.  All had chin length hair with a side part.  There were three different versions in the Mod Era.

Vintage Hair Fair Barbie

Standard Barbie Doll

The Vintage Standard Barbie Doll was the new "TNT' face on the standard (original, "non-TNT") body, released in 1967 through 1970. 

Vintage Standard Barbie Doll

Talking Barbie - 1968 - 1971

Talking Barbie was sold from 1968 to 1971. There were three different versions and a Stacey face variation. Don't miss the video of the Talking Barbie TV Commercial!

Talking Barbie Doll

Twist 'n Turn - Flip Hair Barbie
1969 - 1971

TNT Barbie got a new hairstyle in 1969 - a shoulder length flip, arguably inspired by the hit TV show That Girl which ran from 1966 to 1971 and starred Marlo Thomas with a similar hairstyle. 

TNT Flip Hair Barbie

Dramatic New Living Barbie

Dramatic New Living Barbie had bendable knees, ankles and elbows. She swivels at the waist, legs, neck, arms and hands.

Living Barbie Doll

Barbie with Growin' Pretty Hair 1971 - 1972

Barbie with Growin' Pretty Hair was sold in 1971 and 1972. These Mod Barbie Dolls had a retractable ponytail and come with two hair pieces.

Live Action Barbie
 1971 - 1972

Live Action Barbie was sold in 1971 and 1972. There was a version that came with a stage - this was the "hippie" Barbie!

Live Action Barbie

Living Barbie

Living Barbie was an update of the previous Dramatic Living Barbie - same doll, shorter name. She also had a new outfit and pink lips and cheeks instead of orange.

Living Barbie

Sunset Malibu Barbie
1971 - 1977

Malibu Barbie was one of the most important Barbie Dolls of the 1970s. She was sold through 1977 and defined Barbie throughout most of the 70s. She was an instant hit and was enormously popular.

Malibu Barbie

Barbie Hair Happenin's

Barbie Hair Happenin is one of the rarest from the Mod Barbie Dolls Era and is hard to find. Originally it was thought to be a Sear's Exclusive Doll, but it was not.

Barbie Hair Happenin

Busy Barbie

Busy Barbie has hands with thumbs that enabled her to grasp all of her accessories.  Those accessories included a TV, record player, and a tray and glasses.

Busy Barbie

Busy Talking Barbie

Busy Talking Barbie has blonde chin length hair with Bangs and came with the same accessories as Busy Barbie.

Busy Talking Barbie Doll

Walk Lively Barbie

Walk Lively Barbie walks with her Walk 'n Turn Stand and moves her head and arms.  There were also Walk Lively Steffie and Ken dolls.

Walk Lively Barbie Doll

Mod Barbie Doll Friends

Stacey Dolls were introduced in 1968, as Barbie's new "cool" Mod friend. She hailed from the Mod Mecca of hipness - Great Britain. There were two versions - TNT (Twist 'n Turn) and Talking Stacey. Between 1968 and 1971, there were three different TNT Stacey versions and two different Talking Staceys. She was permanently retired after 1971.

TNT Stacey

TNT Stacey had two different hairstyles and three different swimsuits. For more details - 

TNT Stacey Doll

Talking Stacey

Talking Stacey had a side ponytail and two different swimsuits.
For more details -

Talking Stacey

Christie Doll

The Christie Doll was introduced in 1968 with the Talking Christie Doll. She was the first African American Barbie size Doll.

From 1968 to 1973 there were four vintage Christie Barbie Dolls - Talking, Twist 'n Turn, Live Action and Malibu. The Christie Doll has continued to be sold through the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and today.

PJ Dolls were introduced in 1969 when Barbie's Friend Midge received a makeover and a new name. Using the same Midge face and head mold, PJ was more hip and mod than Midge. PJ had long blonde pigtails, brown eyes with blue eye shadow and wickedly long rooted eye lashes.

Talking PJ

Talking PJ was the first PJ - she was released in 1969.

Talking PJ

Twist 'n Turn PJ Doll

TNT PJ Doll was introduced in 1970 and manufactured through 1971.

Twist 'n Turn PJ

Live Action PJ

Live Action PJ was released in 1971 along with Live Action Barbie, Christie and Ken.

 Live Action PJ

Malibu PJ

When Sunset Malibu PJ was released in 1972, she had a glamorous new look.

Sunset Malibu PJ

Truly Scrumptious Doll

There were two Truly Scrumptious Barbie Dolls.  A "standard" one on the traditional straight leg Midge/Barbie body and a Talking Truly Scrumptious. Both dolls have a Francie head & Barbie body.

Truly Scrumptious - 1969

Julia was one of the first Celebrity Barbie Dolls. She was introducted in 1969, based on a popular TV character played by Diahann Carroll. There were two Jula Dolls, Five of her own outfits, one of which was included in a Julia Doll Gift Set.

Walking Jamie Doll

 - 1970 - 1972
Walking Jamie Doll is one of the rarest Mod Barbie Dolls, she was a Sears Exclusive Barbie Doll sold from 1970 to 1972. She was also available in two different gift sets.

Steffie Doll

Barbie's Friend Steffie was introduced in 1972. The Steffie doll head mold is still in use today and is one of the most popular Barbie faces ever produced. 

Miss America
Mattel made two different Miss America Dolls using Barbie's Body and the Steffie head mold. Walk Lively Miss America was sold in 1972 and 1973 and Quick Curl Miss America from 1973 to 1976.

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