Vintage Barbie Accessories

Vintage Barbie accessories are as unique as the dolls themselves.  Everything that was needed to create a delightful set true to the theme was included...a girl has to have her accessories.  Designers selected fashionable accessories that were the perfect compliment to complete the overall look to perfection.  Interchangeable with other Barbie dolls, they became essential details to each ensemble.

Vintage Barbie accessories were as unique
as the look they completed.

From glitter shoes to wedge heels, here you will find a variety of signature shoes to complete your collection.  Click on any link to see a list of ensembles that included that item.  Prepare tends to repeat itself and you may see accessories that you wore yourself back in the day.

Open Toe Shoes

Glitter Open Toe Shoes

Closed Toe Shoes

Wedge Shoes

More Vintage Barbie Accessories

Vintage Barbie accessories were all thoughtfully designed in styles appropriate for anything from special occasions to a spirit of adventure.  Pearls were one of the most popular jewelry items, but no one could resist the iconic glasses that became a fashion statement.  Check out these compelling accessories that were major contributors to completing Barbie's look.

Vintage Barbie Glasses

Vintage Barbie Sunglasses

Seeing is believing.  Vintage Barbie sunglasses came in all colors and shapes.
Black Glasses 

White Sunglasses 
White Glitter Sunglasses 
Blue Sunglasses 
Red Rimmed Sunglasses

Vintage Barbie Jewelry

Vintage Barbie wearing Pink Graduated Pearl Necklace

Classic pearls were a popular accessory in the fifties for women and Barbie was no exception.
White Graduated Pearl Necklace
Pink Graduated Pearl Necklace
Pearl Drop Necklace

Vintage Barbie Gloves

Vintage Barbie Short White Gloves

The length of the gloves often determined the formality of the event.  Barbie needed lots of glove choices to accommodate her thriving social life.
Short White Gloves
Long White Gloves
Short Black Gloves
Long Black Gloves

Extra Vintage Frills

Vintage Barbie White Hanky

Hanky?  Yes, Barbie was prepared for anything and always in a stylish way of course.
White Hanky

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