Vintage Midge Dolls

Vintage Midge Dolls were introduced in 1962 as Barbie's best friend.  Midge was created to counteract the criticism that Barbie was too mature-looking for kids.  She has the same body as Barbie, with identical markings and went through the same transformations.  Being the only same-sized friend of Barbie ever sold made sharing clothes and accessories easy.

Now you can know too...
all about vintage Midge dolls.

Vintage Midge Dolls

Freckle faced or not, the Midge doll without freckles had a longer hair style.

The color of her two piece bathing suit depended solely on the doll's shoulder length hair color:  

Red hair - Yellow and orange suit

Blonde hair - Two shade of blue suit

Brunette hair - Pink and red suit

The original Midge dolls had straight legs that did not bend at the knee.  That all changed in 1965, when bendable legs were introduced.

A rare Midge doll was sold with teeth the first year.

With her introduction, her name was added to all Barbie bodies, so the bodies for both dolls read:

Midge T.M.

This has caused a lot of confusion - as many people think their Barbie doll is a Midge.  It all depends on the head!

Allan was introduced in 1964 as Midge's Boyfriend and Ken's best friend.

Later Midge and Allan married and had children.  This was quite the controversy for Midge, as many considered a pregnant doll  inappropriate for children.  

Later a "Happy Family" line was available to include Midge, Allan, Ryan, a dog, and Grandpa and Grandma.

Vintage Allan Doll - Midge's Boyfriend

Midge was replaced by PJ.  Both dolls had the same face sculpt.

Only three versions of Midge were manufactured.  She disappeared in the Mod era and was replaced by more mod dolls - Stacey and PJ.  (PJ replaced Midge - they had the same face sculpt.)

Mattel used the Midge name again beginning in 1987 and
made Midge dolls through the late 1980s and 1990s.

Vintage Straight Leg Midge (1963 - 1966)

Vintage Wig Wardrobe Midge (1964)

Vintage Wig Wardrobe Midge (1964)
Was sold without a body as a head and 3 wigs.

Vintage Bendable Leg Midge (1965)

Vintage Bendable Leg Midge (1965)


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