2000 Lingerie Silkstone Barbie #1

In 2000 Lingerie Silkstone Barbie was released with great success. This was the beginning of the very successful Silkstone Fashion Model collection for adult collectors.  Those collectors immediately fell in love with the sophisticated vintage influence. Many vintage Barbie collectors who had never collected modern Barbie dolls began to add Silkstones to their collection, especially using the Lingerie Silkstone Barbie Dolls to display vintage fashions.

The #1 Lingerie Silkstone came as a blonde doll, and the #2 Lingerie Silkstone is the same doll as a brunette.  The brunette seems to be a little harder to find. They are both Limited Editions and came wearing only a white satin bra and panty ensemble trimmed with white lace and pale pink bows, white stockings and garters.  These first edition Lingerie Fashion Model Barbies (#1 & #2) are considered to be the most valuable of the Lingerie Silkstones.