30th Anniversary Vintage Francie Doll Reproduction

1996 30th Anniversary Vintage
Francie Doll Reproduction

To celebrate Francie's 30th birthday, Mattel issued this commemorative doll.  The set includes a reproduction Bendable Leg Francie Doll in her original swimsuit (and even an eyelash brush!) and a remake of the ensemble Gad Abouts #1250 (1966 - 1967), which was also released Francie's first year (and had those totally cool sunglasses from the 60s!).

Like many of the Barbie reproductions, these dolls are frequently de-boxed to use the Francie doll to display vintage fashions.

The easiest way to tell the difference between the vintage outfit and the reproduction one is by looking at the tag.  If the tag does not say reproduction, it is the vintage outfit.

30th Anniversary Vintage Francie Doll Reproduction

This doll was over produced and as a result sold at rock bottom prices at the retail level for years.  I remember seeing them on the shelves in the late 90s for $14.99.  As a result, there is still a huge supply on the secondary market and this doll can still be purchased for a very low price.

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