Miss America Dolls

Mattel made two different Miss America Dolls using Barbie's Body and the Steffie head mold.  Walk Lively Miss America was sold in 1972 and 1973 and Quick Curl Miss America from 1973 to 1976. Walk Lively was also sold by Kelloggs as a mail in offer (for three dollars!) and there were three Miss America ensembles sold in 1972.

Here She is, Miss America

Walk Lively Miss America

Walking Miss America dolls were designed to carry out the duties of a pageant queen.  With a white Walk 'N Turn stand, these dolls could walk the runway, turn gracefully, and move head and arms as she went by.  This stand was included in dolls sold in stores, but was not included in the Kellogg's Corn Flake promotional doll.

Kelloggs Doll #3194-9991

Issue Date:

Body Markings:
©1967 Mattel, Inc.
U.S. Pat.Pend.

Brunette with Shoulder Length Curly Hair

Blue Eyes
Coral Lips & Blush
Brown Eyebrows
Rooted Eyelashes

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Long gown with gold lame bodice, white skirt with white nylon overskirt, white satin ribbon "Miss America" sash, silver braid crown, scepter, red fleece cape with faux fur trim, red fabric rose with red ribbon, white pilgrim shoes.

Quick Curl Miss America

Quick Curl Miss America was all about the hair.  Promoted as having magic hair that curls instantly and easily...No Setting!  No Wetting!  No Waiting!  This doll was not on the Walk Lively body and came with a posing stand. 

Model #:

Issue Date:

Body Markings:
© 1966
Mattel, Inc.
U.S. & Foreign
Made in

Earlier ones were brunette, later were blonde. The brunette version is much harder to find.

Blue Eyes
Coral Lips & Blush
Brown Eyebrows
Painted Eyelashes

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Long gown with gold knit bodice, white skirt with white nylon overskirt, satin ribbon "Miss America" sash, silver lame crown, scepter, red fleece cape with faux fur trim, white pilgrim shoes.

Miss America Doll Ensembles

Even though Barbie's extensive wardrobe was a perfect fit for the Miss America Dolls, three full fashion ensembles were created just for her.  Those outfits are pictured and described here.  

Majestic Blue #3216 (1972)

Turquoise blue nylon gown, lined with silk.
The gown has a peplum waist and a deep ruffle at the hem.
White faux fur jacket trimmed with gold braid and lined in turquoise silk.
Bouquet of five hot pink roses tied with a Miss America ribbon banner.
Long white gloves.
Turquoise Pilgrim Shoes.

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Regal Red #3217 (1972)

Red satin gown with gold halter top
Red satin cape with yellow fur trim
Gold belt with square buckle
Bright yellow long gloves
Gold clutch purse
Red Pilgrim shoes

This ensemble is very hard to find and the long yellow gloves are very rare.

See on eBay.

Royal Velvet #3215 (1972)

Rose red velvet gown with long sleeves and white faux fur trim at the neck
Hot pink long sheer nylon slip with ruffle hem
White faux fur muff
Rose red Pilgrim shoes

This ensemble reminds me of Francie's Waltz In Velvet #1768 (1970 - 1971)
and is as equally hard (if not harder to find).

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