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Talking Barbie

Talking Barbie
Model #: 1115 1115 1115
Issue Date: 1968 1969 1970 and 1971
Talking Barbie Doll
Vintage Talking Barbie
Talking Barbie
Box Date: 1967 1968 1969
Hair: Blonde, titan / red and shades of brown styled in braided side-ponytail with three pink bows, curled side burns and bangs. Blonde, red or brunette hair with side part pulled into bun at nape of neck with pin curl at each ear and forehead. Blonde, Red or Shades of Brown Hair styled in a side ponytail at the nape of neck with loose curls and pin curl at each ear and forehead.
Face: Blue eyes with Rooted Eyelashes
Light Brown Eyebrows
Deep Pink Lips and Cheeks
Blue eyes with Rooted Eyelashes
Light Brown Eyebrows
Coral Lips and Cheeks
Centered Blue eyes with Rooted Eyelashes
Brown Eyebrows
Peach Lips and Cheeks
Clothing: Two Piece Swimsuit with Hot Pink Hip Length Top with Yellow and Hot Pink Yarn Trim at Hem and Hot Pink Vinyl Shorts Coral Bikini with white elastic belt and metal accent
White & silver net cover-up with coral collar and trim
White Vinyl Bikini aith Gold net sleeveless cover-up - knee length with gold lame collar.
Talking Barbie Doll
Vintage Talking Barbie
Talking Barbie Doll
Clear X Stand
Body Markings:
(c) 1967
Mattel, Inc.
U.S. & Foreign
(Later ones had Hong King instead of Mexico)

Head Markings - Inner Rim:
(c) 1966 Mattel Inc & Japan (earlier)
(c) 1966 Mattel Inc & Hong Kong (later)

Stacey Head Variation:
Talking Barbie Doll with Stacey FaceThere is a variation found in the 2nd Talking Barbie - she is sometimes found with a Stacey Doll Head. Her inner head rim is marked: (c)1965 Mattel & Hong Kong. All other markings are the same.
Gift Sets: Pink Premiere (JC Penney)
Silver 'n Satin (JC Penney)
Dinner Dazzle (Sears)
Go Formal - 2 doll set with Talking Ken
Perfectly Plaid (Sears) Perfectly Plaid (Sears)
Golden Groove (Sears)
Notes: Barbie talked when the string at the back of her neck was pulled. Although most no longer talk, some still do and naturally they are more valuable. These dolls are very prone to have their arms and legs fall off their body. You can keep their legs in place for display with a tight rubber band (under the clothes).
This was the first Barbie to have divided (individual) fingers.

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