A Tribute To Suzanne

Suzanne created the Fashion Doll Guide as a labor of love for her childhood Barbie.  She approached the website as she did everything else in her life, full of passion and energy.  Her tireless research and devotion to the subject she loved rendered a comprehensive website that honored fashion dolls completely.  Her advice to all interested in websites was to find something you are passionate about and have considerable knowledge of and go for it...it is with that advice that we try to keep her dream alive.

This was her welcome to Fashion Doll Guide giving you an insight into what started it all. 
In her own words...

Hi, my name is Suzanne.  Thanks for visiting Fashion Doll Guide.  Here is my story, in case you are wondering ...

I was born the same year as Barbie (you do the math!) and had a wonderful childhood shared with my Barbie dolls.  I vividly remember my 4th or 5th birthday where I was "old enough" to get my own Barbie doll - she was a brunette, just like me! 

I began collecting Barbie again in 1998, when my own daughter was 4 and discovered Barbie.  I loved her Barbie so much, I bought a few collectible Barbie dolls for myself, then quickly discovered eBay and the wonderful world of vintage Barbie collecting - the rest, as they say, is history.