Vintage Barbie Bouncy Flouncy

Vintage Barbie Bouncy Flouncy
1967 - 1968

Multi-colored floral dress
Matching Purse
Orange Closed Toe Heels

The dress has a dropped waist.  The skirt has three tiers of pleated ruffles.   The matching orange trimmed multi-color floral print purse is very hard to find.  The dress is fairly easy to find, as are the orange closed toe heels.

To me, this dress is the perfect representation of the early Mod era.  It is trendy for the time, but not out and out Mod like Barbie's later wardrobe.  You can see the transition from vintage to Mod in the styling.  It is also much younger and hip than some of Barbie's glamorous outfits from the earlier years.

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