Vintage Barbie Brunch Time
and Coffee's On

Vintage Barbie Brunch Time #1628 (1965)

Sleeveless Butterfly Print Dress
Orange Closed Toe Heels or Orange Closed Toe Heels
Casserole Handle
Large Casserole Dish with Lid
Medium Casserole Dish with Lid
Small Casserole Dish with Lid
Coffee Pot with Lid

Vintage Barbie Coffee’s On #1670 (1966-1967)
Sleeveless Butterfly Print Dress
Casserole Dish with Lid
Coffee Pot with Lid

These two ensembles are the same, except the shoes and some of the accessories were not included in Coffee's On.

The dress and shoes are fairly easy to find.  The small accessories can be very hard to find.

The dress snaps closed in the front and has tiny gold bead buttons and orange ric rak trim.

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