Vintage Barbie Bubblecut Dolls

Vintage Barbie Bubblecut Dolls were produced from 1961 to 1967.  There were many hair and lip color variations, as well as variations in the fullness of the hairstyle.  The first editions tend to have a tighter bouffant hairdo than do the later releases.  With hair style playing a major role in the value of a doll, the distinctive bubblecut makes this doll a valued addition to a Barbie collection.

Good to know...
Some vintage Barbie bubblecut dolls may have complexion problems.  Shiny or greasy faces have developed as a result of the breakdown of the vinyl used. 

Now you can know too...
all about vintage Barbie bubblecut dolls.

Vintage Barbie Bubblecut Dolls
Titian Vintage Bubblecut Barbie Doll
1961 Bubblecut Barbie in original box
Bubblecut Barbie in original box
Model #: 850 850
Issue Date: 1961 1962-1967
Box Date: 1959 1962
Hair Colors: Shades of Blonde, Brunette & Titian (red) Shades of Blonde, Brunette & Titian (red)
Face: Blue eyes, eyebrows match hair color, red lips Blue eyes, eyebrows match hair color, coral lips
Clothing: Black & White Striped Swimsuit
Pearl Stud Earrings
White Sunglasses with Blue Lens
Black Open Toe Heels
Red Jersey Swimsuit
Pearl Stud Earrings
Red Open Toe Heels
Stand: Black Wire Stand Gold Wire Stand
Brunette Bubblecut Vintage Barbie
Body Markings: Barbie®
Midge T.M.
Mattel, Inc.
(In 1964 added the word "Patented")
Notes: Some of hair color variations, especially "White Ginger" and "Sable Brown" are rarer.  Some have greasy faces. The "2nd" version of the bubblecut had much fuller hair.  There were many lip and cheek color variations & "sizes" of hair.
Reproductions: 1998 Silken Flame
2000 Sophisticated Lady
2006 Career Girl
2009 50th Anniversary Brunette Bubblecut Reproduction

Vintage Barbie bubblecut dolls
boasting a new hair style with a side part.

In 1964 and 1965, Mattel released a Bubblecut Barbie with a new hair style.  The side thatched rooting pattern made the distinctive side part difficult to unpart.  These dolls were sold in Europe and Canada, but not in the United States.  There are also transitional dolls that have a side part and the American Girl face.

Side-part Bubblecut Barbie with American Girl Face

They were transitional dolls, made during the transition from a side-part Bubblecut to the American Girl.  You can easily identify the transitional doll because her head will have the traditional American Girl markings on the inner rim of her head. These are probably the rarest and most valuable Bubblecut Barbie dolls.

Bubblecut Barbie wearing Satin 'n Rose
Regular Side-part Bubblecut Barbie on left, Side-part Bubblecut with American Girl face on right
Barbie wearing Red Flare

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