Vintage Barbie Busy Gal

Vintage Barbie Busy Gal #981 (1960 - 1961)

Short Sleeve Red Linen Jacket
Red Linen Sheath Skirt
Red & White Stripe Body Blouse with Bow
Navy Straw Hat
Navy Straw Belt
Black Glasses
Navy Open Toe Heels
Black Portfolio
2 Sheets of Sketches

The red linen short sleeve suit and red and white striped body blouse hold up very well and are fairly easy to find. The navy blue straw belt and hat are more difficult to find in great condition, and the navy open toe heels are one of the hardest colors to find. The portfolio and sketches are probably the most difficult to find in this ensemble – especially in great condition, but what else to expect from little pieces of paper that were originally toys and are 45 years old!

The tag is found in the jacket – which is also faced in a matching red and white stripe fabric.

Mattel issued a Busy Gal Reproduction in 1995.

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