Vintage Barbie Dinner At Eight

The Vintage Barbie Dinner at Eight ensemble was a fashion sensation in the sixties.  The persimmon colored hostess pajama topped with a gold metallic net burnt orange hostess coat took Barbie's wardrobe to the next level.  Her metallic gold wedge shoes completed the look.  Even while lounging, Barbie was always the epitome of high style and fashion.

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Vintage Barbie Dinner At Eight

Orange Silk Jumpsuit
Hostess Coat
Metallic Gold/Cork Wedge Shoes

This is fairly easy to find in good condition.  The strapless jumpsuit snaps in the back and there is a snap closure in the front of the coat.  The metallic gold cork wedge shoes are also fairly easy to find.

This is the first vintage ensemble I purchased when I started collecting.  I remembered it from my childhood, my older cousin had it for her Barbie and I always wanted it.  When I got it I felt like I had been waiting forever.  It was a thrill then and is still one of my favorites.

Vintage Barbie Dinner at Eight Collectibles

Once someone has developed a profound appreciation for a particular Barbie outfit, that interest soon turns to collectibles.  Here we showcase collectibles that celebrated the Vintage Barbie Dinner at Eight ensemble in all its glory.

Barbie Wallet.
In 1964, a Barbie wallet was released with an original price of $.98.  When the wallet was opened, it revealed a full length view of Barbie wearing the Dinner at Eight ensemble.  It was 4 1/4" x 3 3/4" folded and included a plastic coin slot, picture holder, zippered coin purse, billfold, comb and nail file.  Available in black, blue and red.  

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Barbie Locker Vanity.
Designed to hang in school lockers, this black vinyl organizer showcased Barbie wearing the Dinner at Eight outfit.  It featured a black rayon string for hanging, two pockets with a see-through front for pictures, a mirror pocket, a comb pocket, two additional pockets, a place for pocket sized tissues and a zippered money pouch.  Made in Canada, it is a coveted item and an extremely rare find today.

Dinner at Eight Trading Card.
In 1990, a trading card was issued honoring the 1963 Vintage Barbie Dinner at Eight ensemble.  On the back of the trading card, along with Barbie facts and fun facts, a detailed description of the ensemble was given.  The color of the hostess pajamas was described as "persimmon" and the hostess coat was made out of metallic gold net.

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