Vintage Barbie Enchanted Evening

Vintage Barbie Enchanted Evening #983 (1960-1963)

Strapless Pink Satin Gown
White Fur Stole with Pink Lining
Long White Gloves
Triple Strand Pearl Choker with 2 Pearl Drops
Pearl Drop Earrings
Clear Open Toe Heels with Gold Glitter

This exquisite evening gown was and still is a stand out ensemble for Barbie.  The formality is captured perfectly in a pink satin strapless gown and a white rabbit fur stole lined in matching pink satin.  The earlier versions had three sequins and beads at the waist, later versions had a pink satin rose.

Because this was made for three years and was very popular, the gown and stole are fairly easy to find. The necklace and earrings as well as the shoes are considered rare and are very hard to find.

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More Vintage Barbie Enchanted Evening Collectibles

The popularity of the Vintage Barbie Enchanted Evening ensemble was a clear sign that Barbie enthusiasts wanted more.  Collectibles were introduced perfectly decked out in this iconic outfit.  From keychains to Hallmark ornaments, the response was overwhelming.  Here you will find the details.    

Vintage Barbie Enchanted Evening Ornament

In 1996, Hallmark issued an ornament that featured Barbie wearing the Enchanted Evening ensemble.  It was the third in the Barbie ornament Collector's Series and certainly represented the elegance of this famous ensemble well.  From the sweeping train to the gorgeous accessories, Barbie was the best dressed ornament on the tree.

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Christmas, 2002 introduced the Enchanted Evening Case and Barbie Ornament.

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In 1996, Mattel issued an Enchanted Evening Reproduction.  This reproduction was marketed as an opportunity to include Enchanted Evening in a new Barbie collection or help a special person start collecting.  The Vintage Barbie Enchanted Evening ensemble was one of the most popular vintage fashions then, and is still just as popular with the Collectors of today.

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In 1996, Enchanted Evening Barbie also made an appearance in the form of key chains.  Featuring movable arms, legs and head, key chains were available with either Barbie or Ken solely and there were also sets with Barbie & Ken together.

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In 2009, Mattel also issued a 50th Anniversary Brunette Bubblecut Reproduction.  Once again, this luxurious reproduction became a highly coveted Barbie collectible.  

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Limited Edition Porcelain Bisque Musical Figurine
from the Glamour Collection

From Barbie With Love
Enchanted Evening

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Barbie clothing was sold in Japan starting in 1962, and the Vintage Barbie Enchanted Evening ensemble was part of that global sensation.  The Japanese gown was made from a heavier satin and in hot pink and a darker light pink as compared to the US version in a light weight satin and in light pink.  It also had a rose accent at the waist and included the Japanese Fashion Booklet.  Very rare.

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