Vintage Barbie Evening Enchantment

Vintage Barbie Evening Enchantment #1695

Red Dress with White Marabou Trim
Matching Red Cape
Red Closed Toe Heels  

The dress is made of red taffeta with a chiffon overdress and that fabulous white marabou trim.  It is a sleeveless dress with a slim fitted long skirt.  The matching red chiffon cape has the same white marabou trim around the neck. 

This ensemble is very hard to find (it was only made for one year), is very popular with collectors and therefore can be quite expensive to acquire.  Also, due to the delicate nature of the chiffon it is prone to show wear and damage and the marabou is prone to shedding. So finding one in great condition can be even more of a challenge.

I absolutely love this ensemble - I guess it is my inner drama queen!  It is a wonderful piece to have in your collection.  I'm sure I'll never get to dress this glamorous, but my Barbie can!

This ensemble pictured MOC (but it is not in the original box - so most likely has been deboxed & reattached to this card) sold for a "Buy It Now" of $475 in December 2012.

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