Vintage Barbie Fashion Pak
Silk Sheath Dress

Vintage Barbie Fashion Pak
Silk Sheath Dress

Came in Seven Different Colors:
Gold Dress
Green Dress
Red Dress
White Dress
Turquoise Dress
Yellow Dress
Black Dress

This is a fabulous vintage classic, done in silk Shantung and available in seven colors. 

The black and red are the most rare, followed by the white and gold.  The yellow, green and turquoise are among the easiest to find.  The form fitting dress has a bow in the center of the collar and a zipper closure in the back.

Some collectors collect all seven colors and as you can see from the photo, it makes for a stunning display.  I also love these displayed on Silkstone Barbie dolls. 

The turquoise is my favorite - it is such a pretty, vivid color.  I think my second favorite is the red.

Thanks to Kim Hostrawser for this awesome picture - doesn't it make you want one in every color?

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