Vintage Barbie Gay Parisienne

Vintage Barbie Gay Parisienne #964 (1959)

Navy Pin dot Bubble Dress
Navy Headband Hat with Veil
White Fur Stole with White Lining
Gold Velvet Clutch Purse
Graduated Pearl Necklace
Pearl Stud Earrings
Long White Gloves
Navy Open Toe Heels

While I am quite happy that the “Bubble Dress” hasn’t come back into style, it was quite chic in the late 50s. Obviously inspired by Parisian couture, this ensemble is rare and hard to find, as it was only produced in 1959.

The dress is deep blue rayon taffeta. It is adorned the hem in front and the top of the zipper closing in the back with same-fabric bows trimmed in white.

The hat is a matching blue tulle veiled headband.

The white faux fur stole is identical to the ones seen in later ensembles, except it is lined in white satin (later ones are lined in pink).

The small gold velvet clutch has a gold bead closure and is lined in white satin. It was also never repeated.

Mattel issued a Gay Parisienne reproduction in 2003.

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