Vintage Barbie Ice Breaker

Vintage Barbie Ice Breaker #942 (1962-1964)

White Fur Jacket
Red Velvet Skirt
Red Knit Body Blouse
Flesh tone Pantyhose
White Ice Skates

Both the jacket and circular skirt of this adorable skating ensemble have a cute calico print lining.

The red turtleneck body blouse has a back zipper. The pantyhose are very hard to find in good condition – they are prone to snags and runs and the elastic tends to disintegrate.

The skating boots are frequently found with the blades missing. They will either both be marked Japan on the bottom, or both will be unmarked.

The ensemble is fairly easy to find in decent condition.

Little sister Skipper had a coordinating red skating ensemble, Skating Fun #1908 (1964 - 1966)

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