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Vintage Barbie Picnic Set

Vintage Barbie Picnic Set #967 (1959-1961)Vintage Barbie Picnic Set #967 (1959-1961)

  • Red & White Checked Body Blouse
  • Clam Digger length Jeans
  • Straw Hat with Ribbon ties
  • Straw Picnic basket
  • White Straw Cork
  • Wedge Shoes
  • Fishing Pole with Line, Sinker and Fish
  • The clothing from this set - the jeans and body blouse - are made of sturdy fabric and hold up very well. They are easy to find in good condition.

    The accessories are all unique to this ensemble and are all very hard to find. The hat and fishing pole are an especially rare find with all of the original pieces intact. The hat is adorable with a frog and flower and ribbon ties.

    The same clam digger length jeans were seen in 1963 and 1964 Fashion Paks.

    The tag for this ensemble is found in the blouse.

    Mattel issued a Picnic Set Vintage Barbie Reproduction in 2006.

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