Vintage Barbie Print Aplenty

Vintage Barbie Print Aplenty
1967 - 1968

Multi-Color Block Print Dress
Fuchsia Closed Toe Heels
Fuchsia Rectangular Drop Earrings

This is another one of Barbie's sleeveless mod print dresses from the late 1960's.  The dress and shoes are fairly easy to find.  The earrings can be very hard to find - although reproductions of them are usually available for sale on eBay.

Like the others, this dress has the mod colors and bold geometric prints that were so popular in the late 60s, along with the simple lines and shorter length.

This NRFB version pictured received 13 bids and sold for $510 in September 2012. As you can see, the colors in the two dresses pictured are different.

The mod ensemble Zokko! #1820 (1968 - 1969) has the same earrings in orange.

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