Vintage Barbie Sophisticated Lady

The Vintage Barbie Sophisticated Lady ensemble is a favorite of collectors.  The magnificent dress, done in pink silk, had a huge skirt and silver filigree lace.  The rose velvet coat had a stand-up collar and was also lined in matching pink silk.  

Vintage Barbie Sophisticated Lady

Pink Gown
Dark Pink Velvet Coat
Pink Graduated Pearl Necklace
Long White Gloves
Pink Open Toe Heels

It is fairly easy to find, but can be expensive depending on condition.  The tiara is the hardest item to find and was either clear with silver glitter or gray plastic with no glitter.  The pink pearl necklace is also hard to find, while the long white gloves and pink shoes are fairly easy to find.


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Vintage Barbie Sophisticated Lady Collectibles

When a Barbie Collector becomes smitten with a particular Barbie fashion, the Collectibles become coveted items.  Fortunately, the Sophisticated Lady ensemble was embraced by designers and offered in many different treasures.  Here you will find some of the most popular.

Hallmark Barbie Ornament in Sophisticated Lady Fashion.
In 2002, Hallmark released a Keepsake Ornament that featured Barbie wearing the Sophisticated Lady ensemble.  It was ninth in the Collector's Series and the artist was Patricia Andrews.

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American Greetings Sophisticated Lady Barbie Ornament.
In 2013, American Greeting/Carlton Cards released a Sophisticated Lady Barbie ornament.  This Heirloom Collection Ornament was 4 1/2 inches tall and perfectly portrays the beauty of this ensemble.

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Vintage Barbie Sophisticated Lady Reproduction.
Issuing a reproduction of Barbie Sophisticated Lady was exciting for adult collectors and the perfect way to engage a younger generation of fans.  Capturing the regal essence of this ensemble, Mattel issued a limited edition Vintage Barbie Sophisticated Lady Reproduction in 2000.  This reproduction was number three in the Collector's Request Collection.

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From Barbie With Love by Enesco
This Limited Edition Porcelain Bisque Musical Figurine featured Sophisticated Barbie, 1963.  Part of the Glamour Collection, it was limited to 7,500 numbered pieces and played "Sophisticated Lady."  Embellished with actual fabric accessories, the detail and workmanship in this musical figurine was undeniable.  

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Sophisticated Lady Porcelain Barbie Doll.
In 1990, Sophisticated Lady 1965 was front and center as part of The Barbie Porcelain Collection.  This limited edition porcelain doll was sixth in a series devoted to the adult Barbie collector.  Each porcelain doll came with a Certificate of Authenticity, along with a serial number.

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Vinyl Carrying Case.
In 1963, Mattel issued a vinyl carrying case starring the Sophisticated Lady outfit.  These cases came in black, blue or red and are available today in a limited amount.  It is interesting to note that on some of the doll cases, the luxurious coat included in Sophisticated Lady changed from the original rose pink color to green.  However, there were still some produced in the expected rose pink color, but are hard to find.

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Danbury Mint Porcelain Collector Plate.
A Porcelain Collector Plate trimmed in 23kt gold featuring 1963 Sophisticated Lady was issued.  Part of the High Fashion Barbie Collection, the production capacity was limited to 25 firing days at The Danbury Mint.  Each plate had a plate number on the back and included a Certificate of Authenticity.  The artist was Susie Morton.

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Bradford Exchange Collector Plate
A second edition Sophisticated Lady Collector Plate was issued.  This limited edition by the Bradford Exchange closed forever on August 20, 1996.  Part of the Forever Glamorous Barbie Plate Collection, the sculpted plate was numbered on the back and came with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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