Vintage Barbie Sweater Girl

Vintage Barbie Sweater Girl #976 (1959-1962)

Orange Wool Cardigan Sweater
Orange Wool Sleeveless Shell
Gray Flannel Sheath Skirt
Black Open Toe Heels
How To Knit Book
Bowl of yarn with Needles
Metal Scissors

It is difficult to find the sweaters intact – most of them have varying degrees of holes, the wool just doesn’t hold up. The skirt is easy to find, as is the yarn bowl. The tiny scissors and “book” can be hard to find.

The gray flannel skirt has a back snap closure and the cloth tag for this ensemble is located in the cardigan sweater. The cardigan also has tiny gold bead buttons. The shell sweater has snaps in the back.

This classic ensemble was made for 3 years, from 1959 to 1962. In 1963 the same ensemble was issued in royal blue and called “Knitting Pretty”, in 1964 a pink version was added.

Knitting Pretty (Royal Blue) #957 (1963)
Knitting Pretty (Pink) #957 (1964)

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