Vintage Barbie Sweet Dreams

Vintage Barbie Sweet Dreams #973(1959-1962)


Baby Doll PJ Top & Panties
Blue Hair Ribbon with Metal Ring
Light Blue Open Toe Heels with Blue Pompons
Brass Clock
Wax Apple

Features textured sheer tricot baby doll pajamas with embroidery on the bodice. The blue ribbon straps tie in a bow at back. The matching panties have a tiny bow trim on either side. Frequently the elastic in the panties will be stretched out or disintegrated.

The yellow version is much more common, the pink can be hard to find.  The blue satin ribbon has a god metal loop and attached to Barbie’s ponytail. It is hard to find.

The blue shoes are usually found without the pompons. Replacement pompons can be purchased at a craft store and are easy to glue on the shoe. The “diary” is a piece of cardboard covered in green.

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