Vintage Barbie Tennis Anyone?

Vintage Barbie Tennis Anyone?

White Tennis Dress
White Cardigan with Orange Trim
Blue Sunglasses
White Socks
White Tennis Shoes
Tennis Rules Book
Tennis Ball
Tennis Racket

Barbie and Ken had coordinating tennis ensembles. Ken's was Time for Tennis #790 (1962 - 1963). They can sometimes be difficult to find in great condition, because of the white fabric and all of the tiny accessories.

The tennis dress, which has a zipper in the back and the tennis racket are usually the easiest pieces to find. The jacket is a very soft knit and it tend to get really dingy and also the orange print is prone to fading. I do not recommend trying to wash the jacket, the orange bleeds onto the white when it gets wet. The little book is really just a little piece of cardboard and it can be the most difficult item in the ensemble to find.

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