Vintage Dramatic New Living Barbie Doll

Doll Name:
Vintage Dramatic New Living Barbie Doll

Model #:

Box Date:
1969 (Released in 1970)

Hair Colors:
Blonde, Brunette, Red

TNT Head
Blue Eyes
Rooted Lashes
Shades of Brown Eyebrows
Orange Red Lips and Blush.

Head Markings:
Inside Rim: © 1966 Mattel Inc Japan

Metallic gold & silver swimsuit with elastic waist.
Orange net hooded cover-up with gold trim.

Clear X Stand

Body Markings:
©1968 Mattel, Inc.
U.S. & For Patd
Other Pats.Pend.

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More Vintage Dramatic New Living Barbie Doll

Coming to market in 1970, this was an exciting new time for Barbie.  With moveable necks, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, waists, legs, knees, ankles and rotating head, the Vintage Dramatic New Living Barbie Doll was fully poseable.  This level of movement brought Barbie and friends to life and made pretending more realistic than ever.

Dramatic New Living Skipper.
Always in tune with Barbie, Dramatic New Living Skipper #1117 came to market.  With a box date of 1969, she too was released in 1970.  Barbie's little sister was poseable from head to toe and wore a one-piece green, blue and rose swimsuit.     

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Dramatic New Living Barbie Electric Drawing Set.
Manufactured by Lakeside Industries Leisure Dynamics Inc., this electric drawing set was released in 1970.  The stock number was 8279 and the original price was $2.99.  The 40 piece set included a lavender plastic drawing desk with lamp, a portfolio of Barbie fashion guides, 6 colored pencils, a plastic pencil sharpener, an eraser, instructions, and drawing and sketching paper.

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