A Barbie Collector's Mini Barbie Dioramas

by Ben Jones
(High Point, NC)

1959 Swimsuit/Sophisticated Lady

1959 Swimsuit/Sophisticated Lady

Hello: Just wanted to share my Barbie "Cottage Industry", inspired by my wife who like you was born the same year as Barbie and still looks like her too. Lucky me!! The diormams feature a lot of differnet ideas for who likes what. Many times I use a "used Barbie" as a mannequin by painting her white to give more drama to the clothing. They are made of wood and size about 15 x14 and are lighted, ususally over the "picture" thank you for letting me share. Your site has been invalualbe to me for my research and discovery.
Best wishes, Ben Jones

Thank you so much Ben! Your creations are lovely - what a great idea!

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Great Idea
by: Scott

Hi Ben,
Would you be willing to share your design with us? Dimensions including depth would be helpful

Art is where you see it
by: Ricky

Ben is an artistic wonder. I'm amazed that anyone from Mattel toys hasn't seen this. Barbie is as close to a toy icon of Americana as anything ever made. There should be a museum for this. I do think Ben should send some pics to the Smithsonian with a thematic idea for a showing there.

Way to go Ben!

The talented Ben Jones
by: Courtney

Ben truly has a gift for showcasing in such a creative way! Beautiful displays!

Thank you for the very nice comments
by: Ben Jones

I am very pleased at the comments I have had on the dioramas, here and otherwise.
Again, my wife of 32 years was the inspiration, starting last Christmas.
She looks like Barbie, same age as Barbie and has been called and is still called Barbie. As she and Barbie both turned 50 last year, I did not want the opportunity pass, so I gave her a "Barbie Christmas" ... some of the Barbies she loved so much growing up with some accessories such as a case and game. She asked me she me to make her a Barbie display, which I worked on for 4 months in my spare time.
It is in two sections ...one a time line of Barbies she may have played with from Bild Lilli(for history sake) to Malibu Barbie, ending with a 2010 Barbie that looked so much like her it was scary! (The #1 Barbie Basic LBD). Vintage outfits during her Barbie years scattered in between.
The second section is evening gowns and the ballet in which I used old and badly used "bad hair" Barbies and recycled them into "mannequins". Total Barbies used ranks to over 60. This site was invaluable to me for research as I knew NOTHING about a Barbie. Best site on the internet, bar none.
I would like to post pictures of the timeline and "mannequins" all in evening gowns through the ages but do now know how to post additional pictures here. Suzanne ...will you help me out??? Oh, by the way in answer to questions, yes, these are the real Barbies, there 11.5 inch size, not miniatures or ornaments.
Thanks again for reading this and letting me share my beautiful wife's inspiration for me. BCJ

(Ben - please contact me through the contact page with your email address - Thanks - Suzanne)

50's Barbies
by: Jean Livesay

I'm the lucky person Ben made the Barbie's for.
I can tell you they come alive when you see them in person. It brings back wonderful childhood memories. Ben is so creative in designing the Barbie's by asking what this person is like. I practically live at the lake in the summer time so you can guess which one he made for me. My sister's 60th birthday was coming up so I ask Ben if he would design a Barbie that looked like my sister. I showed him a picture of what she looked like...and there she is...so beautiful...so elegant. My sister's first reaction when I gave her the Barbie was priceless. She's a beautician and now has it mounted on her wall for all customer to see. I'm filled with excitement as to what my other sister's design will be as it's in the making as we speak. Ben is truly blessed with such a gracious talent as this. He has truly made childhood days come back to life again. Although there are not enough thank you's for the Barbie's, I'm sure he knows in his heart by my first expession...tears of amazement. Ben may never know how many lives he touches day to day by his heartfelt compassion he has for others...Thank you Ben and God Bless!

by: Janice

Amazingly gorgeous! Ben is a uniquely creative talent! There's no limit to his gifts.

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