A bargain or memory?

I was at a church auction today and purchased a blue Skipper case full of 3 dolls, a red hair, blonde hair and I think her name is Scooter. It has every outfit that is listed here in great condition. No rips or tears. There is also two other complete skipper outfits that I cant find on the website. The dolls are in perfect condition but not in boxes. There are hangers, shoes, skates, ballet, and a very unusual grey curley dog with a coat and leash. I didnt pay very much for them so I think I got a bargain but I was just wondering. When I was growning up (born in 1960) my family couldn't afford these dolls so i am not as familiar as some would be. Please let me know anything that you can!! THANKS!
(Sounds like you got quite a Bargain!! Congrats on a great find!!!!)

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by: Anonymous

I have a Scooter doll. Got her when I was a kid sometime in the sixties. She has red pigtails and freckles. She was promoted as Skipper's best friend. I'd say you may have gotten a bargain.

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