A New Collector & Her Memories

by Yvonne

My only Barbie Doll as a child was given to me in 1963 by a friend who had just received a brand new one for her birthday (my parents could not afford to buy me one). This doll was a titian bubble cut with no hands (her dog had bitten them off). It came with one or two original outfits. I spent hours and hours making small outfits for her to wear. I just loved that doll and the fact that she had no hands just made her more special to me. I don't know what happened to her, but unfortunately she is now a distant memory.

Recently I was surfing the internet and found your site and was enthralled by it. It stirred up so many long forgotten memories of my beautiful "disabled" Barbie and I decided to try and purchase one.

I am now waiting with baited breath for my E-Bay seller to contact me with the shipping details of my recently purchased 1961 or 1962 (not sure which) Titian Bubble cut Barbie doll, including a reproduction box and reproduction bathing costume and glasses. I am so looking forward to receiving my package and all the child hood memories that she will conjure up.

Thanks to your site, you have started me on a wonderful journey back in time.

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Thanks for sharing!
by: Suzanne - Fashion-Doll-Guide

Hi Yvonne -
Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! Enjoy your new Barbie!

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