A Vintage Barbie Collector Shares Her Story ...

by Cindy

My mom bought my sister and me ( she is 3 years younger) 1 brunette bubblecut, 1 titian midge and a painted hair Ken (all 1963s). I must have only been about 5 or 6 because I have memories of playing with them forever. We loved our Barbies and we added to them through the years. Our mom made beautiful clothes for them; we bought accessories and added the later 1960 and early 1971 Malibu Barbies. But unfortunately I grew up to be a teenager in the early 70's and that was the end of the Barbie playing. However, we kept our Barbies. They are well played with. I have always wanted to display them, but really didn't take it seriously until this year. My sister began collecting Skippers a couple of years ago and bought me the Barbie camping tent for my birthday. We had one of these and loved it. She found it at an antique store. Thus began the Barbie collecting. In the last several months I have added about ten Barbies, Midges and Kens all together with some outfits and cases. I am proudest of my own dolls, but this gives me so much pleasure collecting them. I am a school teacher and also teach private piano lessons. I use the piano lesson money to support "my habit" as that is what this has become. I am enjoying my Barbies so much and find that I want more than I can buy. That is the fun though, finding the items on E-Bay and in antique stores. Funny how we really do relive our childhoods as we get older.

((Thank you Cindy for sharing your story! There is just an indescribable joy that collecting vintage Barbie brings! I guess it is a reflection of the magical times of childhood... Suzanne))

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