Always Loving Barbie

by Sandra Heading

"Francie" not bad for a girl of 43 years.

Well were do I start, as a young girl I can remember my older sister's beautiful swirl ponytail Barbie on her duchess, and always being in love with it, just to look at her, she had such a sophistication about her like she had just stepped out of the pages of some exotic Paris magazine. So from there I guess like any other girl Barbie for me, was the beginning of another whole new world that would open up as she took you away for a brighter world of fashion and fun. My first ever Barbie was Francie (the straight leg version) which my wonderful mother had bought for me when I was quite young she kept her hidden away for a few years till I was old enough to have her, I did play with her, but she is still in great condition and now takes pride of place on my duchess, and looks just as beautiful as the day she come to be mine! My younger sister and I always loved and played with our Barbies when we were growing up, and still do! So it goes to say that collecting was the next step as a grown-up. I love the Vintage Barbies and I have some of the repros, 35th Anniversary, Solo in the Spotlight, Enchanted Evening, Wedding Day. I have also started a love affair with the silkstone dolls I just love the Robert Best collection, and have just purchased the Joyeux silkstone, she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn from the movie Sabrina in the ensemble she wears to the party if you've seen the movie you'll know what I mean. But anyway, I guess the best thing about Barbie is that when I look at all my dolls she takes me back to being that wide-eyed little girl and falling in love with her all-over again.

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