Help with unusual Vintage Painted Hair Ken Doll Box

by Dino
(Rome, Italy)

first I want to say how much I love your site. I find it so beautiful and it helped me many times.
I'm from Rome, Italy and I need your help to identify a Ken Box I purchased from England.
I think it is a Painted Hair Ken Doll box, but it look so strange to me because there is no logo under the graphic of the Ken doll head. The paper covering the top of the box is identical to other boxes I have.

I attached some pics to explain better my questions:
Is it a fake box?
Is it an error box?
or what?
Please, help me if you can.
Thank you and sorry for my bad English.
Have a good day,

Hi Dino -
Thanks for writing and your kind words about the site. It is a labor of love! Unfortunately, I do not know much at all about Ken boxes. I will put this up & hopefully someone will come by & be able to answer your question. My first thought was wondering if it might be a box from a reproduction Ken?

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by: SUSAN K.

Hi, I'm stumped by your box, As far as I know, the original and repro boxes both have Ken's name in the circle. I'm wondering if you have an errored box and it would be interesting to know how many more people have one.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

I'm trying to understand This box. I purchased it in England, The box is really old, i can see it from the old paper and the smell. I already have got other correct boxes, even the repro and this is not a repro box (it have the logo).
On the corner I can see all the copyrights fro Mattel and everything is the same of the other boxes. the only thing missing is the KEN logo. I don't know how to classify it.

Anyway thank you for answering me.

Box in Question
by: Anonymous

I have seen this box many times before. It is an error box that escaped the factory. Apparently a "run" of many went through the inspectors that day! Enjoy it as another wonderful piece of Barbie history!!

Thank you!
by: Dino

Thank you for answering me. I was afraid to get a fake box, even if the doll in is absolutely a real ken doll and also all the accessories with.
So now I know to have a maybe rare piece in my collection.
Thank you, thank you very much.

by: Sonia from Bologna

Ciao Dino, I just received a flocked hair Ken from the States with exactly the same box. It smells old and I'm sure it's not a fake.
Did you manage to get more information in the meanwhile, because I'm very curious about it.
Funny they used this kind of box for painted and flocked hair, it should mean they had quite a lot.

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How to tell vintage from repro for Ken #799 Touchdown vs Campus Spirit

by Pia
(Damascus MD USA)

Can you help me? How can I tell the difference if I am looking online to buy the original, and want to make sure I am not being sold a repro? Thanks!

Hi Pia -
All of the Vintage Barbie & Ken reproduction clothing items have tags that have reproduction written on them. They look just like the original tags except they have "Reproduction" under the name on the tag.

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Switched tags
by: Theresa Varga

There are some dishonest people out there who remove original barbie tags from stained or damaged clothing and sew them onto the reproduction clothing and try to pass them off as the original outfits. BUMMER ! Or claim the accessories are original when they are repro. All of a sudden ebay is full of supposedly original eyeglasses, soda cups w/straws, purses, hats and other hard to find items.

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Ken doll ID Question

by Mary

I just got a blonde painted hair ken doll and wonder about the markings on his backside.

I also have my own brown hair Ken doll from the 60's and the markings/id are not the same as on the blonde one.

Blonde: NO cursive "Ken"
copyright 1960
by Mattel
Hawthorn, Calif.

What year is this from?
How are reproduction Kens marked?
Are there reproductions of the painted hair Ken dolls?


Hi Mary - please see - Ken doll with painted hair - it looks like you have a "shortie" Ken.

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Followup Ken ID more info.
by: Anonymous

Ken ID followup:
Blond ken is definitely not a shortie as he is taller than my original brown hair Ken, who I guess by the way is a shortie.

Blond Ken also has more of the brown eyeliner along with brighter blue eyes. Again more liner than my original Brown hair Ken.

Still would like to hear if someone knows about Official markings. Have tried looking on the web, bookstores and the library.

Ken doll ID question
by: Anonymous

I have the same doll without the cursive ken marking! Did I ever find anything out?

by: Roy

I have the same problem but my Ken doll has painted black hair and has the same markings but I was wondering if someone could help me found out if he's a reproduction since he doesn't have the ken sign on his butt

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Can You Help ID these Black Christie or Francie & Cara / Ken or Brad Barbie Dolls

by Kari

I have four dolls that I know nothing about. Can anyone help ID them?

#1 Black Male doll in night scene tux. Marked on head: 1969 MATTEL INC., Marked on left cheek of Butt: 1968 MATTEL INC U.S.A. FOR PATD OTHER PAT'S PENDING HONG KONG

#2 Black TNT/ Twist N' Turn Female doll in unknown Mot Taged Barbie outfit. Marked on right cheek of Butt: 1968 MATTEL INC U.S. & FOREIGN PATENTED, PATENTED IN CANADA 1967 OTHER PATENTS PENDING TAIWAN

#3 Black Female doll I think is Ballerina Cara in ballet outfit Marked on lower Back: Mattel, Inc. 1966 U.S. Patent Pending TAIWAN

#4 Black Male doll with Afro hair wearing Gold athletic shorts trimmed in red stripe. Marked on Head: 1981 MATTEL INC, Marked on lower Back: 1088-0500 5 MATTEL INC 1968 HONG KONG.

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by: skippercollector

The dress is called Flower Wower from 1970 and the doll wearing it is Live Action Christie from 1971.
The guy with the Afro is Sunsational Malibu Ken from 1983 in his original swim trunks.

curtis or brad, christie, cara, (black) ken
by: Anonymous

if there is a lever on the back of the black male doll wearing the burgundy tuxedo, then this would make him (free moving) "curtis". if there is no lever, than he is definitely "brad".
the 2nd doll with the flowered dress is already identified, live action christie.
the 3rd doll is ballerina cara.
and the 4th doll is the black version of sunsational ken.

#4 Black Male
by: Anonymous

The #4 Black Male on the end was named Scott. My daughter had this doll in the late 70's early 80's. He is the only one that I am aware of that had a true Afro hair style and he had a thicker nose than the other, "African-American" dolls produced at that time with the same features as Ken.

When I recently looked him up on the internet, it says that he was a friend of Skipper's. I don't remember if that was true or not. He is from the Barbie Collection. I wish we still had him.

# 4 is not scott
by: Annemieke

#4 is indeed the sunsational malibu ken black!

scott does look a like in hairstyle but is much smaller and has a more skipper sized body.

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ID Question - Vintage Ken doll coat NRFP

by Kimberly
(Waukesha, WI, USA)

Vintage Ken doll coat

Vintage Ken doll coat

I have no idea what number this is under, if it's a genuine Mattel product, what year it was made, etc. It's a Ken doll coat, grey-green with red liner, NRFP, in a hexagonal shape package with black plastic hanger. Picture is attached for viewing. Looks like it is from the 1960s.

Hi Kimberly -
This is a "pak" or "fashion pak" item. Fashion Paks were introduced in 1962. Instead of complete ensembles they were either single items or accessories. They were color coordinated and allowed Barbie to have a larger wardrobe by mixing and matching.) Pak items did not have an item number. You item is from 1962 and is known as "Corduroy Jacket" (clever, isn't it?). There were coordinating slacks in matching fabric known as "corduroy slacks" as a different Pak item.

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Ken Army Outfit - Jacket & Fatigues
by: Di

I just purchased a 2 piece outfit advertised as a vintage 1960's Ken camouflage army outfit. It fits on my vintage Allan. The clothing construction looks poorly done and the inside seam thread is a different color than the top seam thread. The pants snap in front, which puzzles me, since I thought all of their pants were 'pull-ons.' I'm suspicious this is homemade.

Does anyone have a Ken Army outfit or know what KEN'S ARMY OUTFIT looks like or can tell me how it was constructed?

Or maybe a photo of Ken's (1963-1965) #797 Army outfit??

Thanks so much!

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1960's Vintage Allan Identification

by Bonnie Jacobsen
(Everett,WA. USA)

Allan 1960's

Allan 1960's

He is Allan I believe. His eyes look off to the side and he has reddish hair in plastic. I wanted to know if he is an original. On his back it reads: Mattell Inc.
Hawthorne, CA
Nothing else to help me identify him.

He is Ken's Friend & Midge's Boyfriend Allan from 1964. His markings should be -
Mattel Inc.
Calif. U.S.A.


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Question about Ken Doll? It's Allan!

by Dave

Could you please assist me in figuring out which Ken Doll this is. He is stamped 1960 and came from Hawthorne California.Also,is this a common Doll on the market?
Thanks a bunch,

Hi Dave -
This is Allan - Ken's best bud & Midge's boyfriend. He was first made in 1964 - Vintage Ken Dolls.

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Allan Sherwood, buddy for Ken
by: brickhouse43

I have the same doll. The butt is stamped 1960. But you say it's from 1964 in Hawthorne Cali. Then was it made in 1960 and released in 1964?

I know it's Allan Sherwood, Midge's boyfriend. He was released again in 1965 but the production for 1965 was limited. Does this mean the 1965 Allan is worth more?

(Note from Suzanne - the date is the date the doll was patented, not the date it was made. There are Barbie dolls being made today with the "twist 'n turn" body & they are marked 1966 - the year that body was patented.)

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Question About Vintage Ken Doll Shoes

by Mary

Do the vintage shoes have a right and left shoe for each pair or are the shoes supposed to fit both ways? I know the red cork sandals definitely have a right and left but don't know about the other shoes in the sets.

Hi Mary -
Vintage Ken Doll Shoes are interchangeable - there is no right or left.

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