Black Francie Doll

Black Francie Doll is the name Collectors call the Africian American Francie that was introduced in 1967.  Also known as "colored Francie," she was the first doll released by Mattel with a dark skin tone.  There were no typical African American features since the same mold was used for both the Caucasian and Black Francie Doll.  This doll had a dark brown Twist and Turn Francie Body.  These dolls were not produced in great numbers and as a result are very rare and hard to find today, making this the most valuable Vintage Francie Doll today. 

Black Francie Doll Details

  There were two different versions of the Black Francie Doll.  The differences are detailed below.

Model #:

Issue Date:
1967 and 1968

Box Date:

Inner Rim marked © 1965 Mattel Inc (May also have country name)

Brown eyes, black eyebrows, rooted eyelashes, deep pink lips.  She also came with an eyelash brush.

Hair Style:
Long hair, below shoulder length, with bangs, center part and ends slightly flipped up.  There were two hair colors described below:

Hair Colors:

The first edition had red hair,
lighter brown eyes and
a lighter skin color.

First edition Black Francie Doll

The second edition had dark brown
hair, darker brown eyes and
a darker skin color.

Second edition Black Francie Doll

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One piece swimsuit that looks like three pieces.

A multicolored bikini covered by a sheer white nylon over shirt.

There were two versions - blue and dark pink abstract prints.

The blue print is the most common. --->

<---There is also a very rare floral variation.

No shoes.

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Clear X-Stand

Body Markings:
Mattel, Inc.
U.S. Patented
U.S. Pat. Pend
Made In Japan

There was a limited reproduction of 5,000 Black Francie dolls released in 1997.  She was wearing a reproduction of The Wild Bunch.

The Wild Bunch Black Francie

A Black Francie Reproduction was released in 1997 wearing a reproduction of The Wild Bunch.

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