Collecting Vintage Barbie & My Inner Child

by gertrude

The countless hours I spent as a little girl in an isolated Newfoundland outport village were spent playing with my few Barbies. I had a Live Action PJ (no stage), a Ballerina Barbie (despite the fact I had never even heard of ballet), a Mod Hair Ken, whose facial accessories were thrown out by mistake with the wrapping paper on Christmas day, "bought" outfits (the rest were homemade by mom and granny), a sleep n keep case, and a country camper. I tried to save my toys but after I went to university my Mom threw it out or gave it away. GONE!!!! Fast forward 30 years - I'm now in therapy and Barbie helped me get well again. True story!!! Last Christmas I got almost every missing childhood Barbie (dolls and cases etc.) from e-Bay. My inner child is now alive and well. I look for dolls now all the time and collecting helps lighten the weight of the world!!

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Barbie Theraphy
by: Roselyn

Thanks for sharing your story. Barbie has been my self-theraphy for 30 years after each day of hard work. She does make the world look brighter.

Barbie makes us happier
by: Nita

U know I lost both my parents a few years ago. I found ebay one day and looked up a few toys I had as a child, well needless to say my room today looks like a room from the 70's. I have collected just about every toy I ever had as a child and it makes me so happy to go in there after a hard day at work or whatever. I now collect barbie stuff I never knew was only from the seventy's. Every season I change their clothes and put them in different places "camper, house, airplane etc... Barbie is good therapy....

Thanks for sharing!
by: Kate

Thanks story is similar. Collecting dolls from my childhood has brought me closer to my inner child and made me a much happier person.

My Wife said so
by: Glenn

Help!My wife has become a mad barbie collector.

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