Crazy About Barbie

by Leah
(Tulsa, OK)

I got my first Barbie when I was almost 12 years old. She was a platinum blonde. My best friend and I played Barbies until we were in our teens!!! I put Barbie away in her box and forgot about her for about 20 years. My then 3 year old daughter found the box and wanted to know what was in it. I told her and we opened the box together. I was so surprised to see her hair had yellowed. I'm sure she was equally suprised to see mine had greyed.:-) My love of Barbie was rekindled and I bought my daughter her first Barbie. Now, 22 years and dozens of Barbies later, I have set out to own all the 800 and 900 series outfits as well as several of the costumes. I was never able to afford the $1.00 or $2.00 the outfits cost, so I only had homemade clothing. I love dressing them up and changing their outfits. My first Barbie looks beautiful in her "new" Gay Parisenne outfit. Now I'm just waiting for my 9 month old granddaughter to be ready for her first Barbie!

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