How much fun is this?!?

by Sheryl

I received my first Barbie, a blond bubblecut, for Christmas 1962, along with a pattern to make her clothes. My aunt, who gave her to me, said that the dolls were reasonably priced, but the outfits cost almost as much as the dolls, and said I should make my own. Which I did, of course, but I was envious of my best friend (an only child) whose mom bought her every beautiful ensemble that came along! I had to be content with my homemades and the occasional "pak" that I bought with my saved-up .25 a week allowance. Christmases and birthdays provided Ken, Midge (don't tell Barbie but Midge is my favorite!) and Skipper, and my most prized gift, the Suzy Goose canopy bed. Same old sad story--I had four younger sisters, so nothing of my collection survived. Boy, am I now making up for lost time! I'm having a ball rediscovering my dolls (and the outfits I always wanted) on Ebay, at thrift stores and estate sales.

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