by Gayle Fleming
(Coatbridge Scotland Uk)

My childhood was an ok one, it had its ups and downs like everyone elses, but i could escape into a wee world with my sindy doll, and eventually when i was 11yrs old i got my first ever Barbie doll, Peaches n cream. I am not a girly girl but i do love barbie and sindy dolls.My peaches n cream doll became damaged her head split with me brushing and styling her hair, when i say split the disaster started from her neck up, my dad tried to save her and couldnt i was so heartbroken as i so wanted that doll. I am 35 yrs old with a 10yr old daughter and the collection of dolls she has is amazing but in a way it is for me as well lol. Recently i managed to buy a Pretty in pink Barbie from ebay, i have in a box the Avon winter splendor doll, it is my dream to find and purchase in or out of the box these dolls, Loving you Barbie, the doll in a gorgeous red and white dress, a red bodice with white pouffe sleeves and lovehearts and the skirt is white with red lovehearts, then onto the peaches n cream doll who we all know. Crystal barbie is a must her pearlised white gown is stunning, then my first barbie the one with the lovley white cotton dress and pink ribbon she is so sweet. Im unsure of the name of this doll but she is dressed in a pink suit with a hat and breifcase she is stunning, and another named Angelface barbie she has an old style blouse and skirt on but is so sweet.I also loved dreamglow barbie in her pretty glow in the dark gown, i do own the jumpsuit to the keep fit barbie the green silk one i sooooo want that doll too awwww im in heaven writing this, and to see me you would laugh im the least likely to look like a barbie collector. I live in Scotland and i know to make these purchases im going to have to go and search American sites, im also hoping to get the Pedigree vintage sindy house so my daughter can furnish it with all her barbie furniture, i think i will be helping her ha ha, i always loved barbie dolls but wanted the sindy house, my friend gave me hers as she didnt use it but my mother boxed it up and gave it away because i shared a room with my brother and sister i so greived that loss sad? yes i wish i could track down all these things as i have shown them to my girl and she loves them too so this is a promise to myself and her I WILL GET THESE DOLLS LOL, thanks for letting me share my breif and mad tale xxxx

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by: CS

Barbie dolls are so beautiful and I love Barbie very much. The tips and tricks that are shared here on the website to take good care of Barbie dolls have proved to be a great and informative one. Thank you Rebecca Minkoff sale bags

Priceless times shared with our barbies
by: Sue whiteAnosnymous

I really enjoyed reading your story, I truly feel for collectors who had these gorgeous dolls when young only to have there Mother throw them out,in later years, however I am sure if they had hindsight,"wouldn't we all back then " for the price some items are fetching they would have been kept. My story is the opposite, my two girls weren't interested all too much in these dolls which were the first Barbies,we were given three beautiful vintage dolls with all the original clothes,pressed for time as both my girls were sick children, I foolishly put them in a baby pillow case and put them in the washing machine,they got trashed, at the time I I liked these dolls but didn't have the passion for the as I do now.however I kept the dolls and clothes, my love of these started by accident , I started buying them for my 3 yr old granddaughter , so now we have play dolls and my collectibles, both my daughters think I need to get another job or therapy , my gorgeous granddaughter and I have so much fun together washing these dolls dressing them in the latest clothes I buy online we disagree a bit on what looks good" so I Hope down the road she only has good memories about our dolls a d the wonderful time we spend together. Cheers sue

Thanks for such a good read!
by: Anonymous

I'm 38 and I can't share these things with my child as i have a boy. He is 18 now. But I'm recapturing my youth. I'm loving you Barbie. She is gorgeous.

Thanks for such a good read!

x regards

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