by Trina
(Victoria, BC Canada)

My First Barbie

My First Barbie

Good Evening!
I truly do love this website! Came across it tonight and got a huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I finally found my doll! I was born in '64 and received her for my 4th birthday I believe. I have looked on-line previously, but never found her. Now I know her number and name! She is the TNT Barbie with the Marlo flip! The original box was discarded with the wrapping paper so I had no idea that she was given a title--Marlo flip. She was well-played with by me and then my sister 8 yrs younger. Sadly I no longer have her, but because I loved her so much I have never stopped searching. I used to get Barbie Bazaar and Miller's but they were nothing compared to this site! Thank you for sharing in my love of the Golden Girl and for creating this wonderful interactive site. I will be visiting often! I only have a small collection of about 70 dolls, not all of them are collectors though. I began in 1990 with the porcelain solo in the spotlight and then got the Chinese and Czech dolls (I'm Chinese and my beau at the time was Czech). I bought a bunch of play dolls as that's what Marl n Dave (?) suggested as they thought the dolls would rise in value. Sadly that's not been the case and I've been donating my play dolls to children in Mexico and as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in my city. The act of sharing Barbie with a new generation takes away the disappointment that the dolls haven't increased in value. After all, my collection was more about Barbie than money. Thank you again for this wonderful site and for giving me the opportunity to share my story.
With kind regards,

Trina -
Thank you SO much! And thank you for sharing your wonderful picture! To those of us who understand, it is indeed thrilling to rediscover our treasured Barbie dolls! Now I hope you are going to be adding that TNT Flip Barbie to your collection soon!

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