My 1958 Blond Ponytail Barbie

by vickiminnie

I am a only child and my mom was divorced when I was 3. My dad lived in another state so he rarely saw me. In 1958, when I was 5, he came to Cal. to visit me--my grandmother wanted him to take me to May Co. to buy clothes. When we got there he said I could have anything I wanted. ALL I wanted was a Barbie doll. (My grandmother said I wasn't allowed to have her because of her breasts, this didn't stop dad!)So I picked her out of the glass display case, and I was allowed 1 outfit (at that time). I took very good care of my Barbie, cuz I knew she would NEVER be replaced if she was ruined(my grandmother lived with my mom and I-she didn't like this gift from dad) It was a event when I got clothes (single mom, etc.)so I took VERY good care of everything I got. In 1961 Ken was quite a "score" especially because he had a "Bulge"! He flipped the Austin (behind my bike) and lost a small patch of hair, poor guy.I played with Barbie until I was 13! My friend next door, Becky, and I spent hours and hours with our "girls". She has Bubbble cut, Fashion, Midge, and Skipper. There were no Barbie houses then so we would construct areas where her barbies lived, my barbies lived, and their vacation and work destinations. Boy did they like to travel! When Barbie and Ken married we planned and made decorations for weeks! (I got both wedding outfits, Grandma was glad they were making it legal!)I had the austin healy, the suzy goose chiffarobe and canopy bed which my grandmother sold. BUT I still have everything else. In 1965 I was gifted TNT Francie, blond with flip and bend legs (I never played with her much-she looks like she came right out of the box!) When I put everyone away in 1966 I had 2trunks of clothes. Everything is intact and packaged. I can't believe everything is almost perfect! I'm thinking of selling her now, but it is very hard. Not only is she in near perfect cond., but SHE was my best friend for years, always there for me! She is still there! I love my Barbie and Ken.

(Note from Suzanne - Thanks for sharing! My advice is not to sell your stuff - I sold some of mine when I rediscovered them (it was what lead to my vintage Barbie hobby) and I have always regretted it - they are the things that truly cannot be replaced!) I had that canopy bed too - my uncle gave it to me for Christmas - I always loved it & I ended up with a white canopy bed just like it!)

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Your story is very touching
by: Anonymous

Don't sell your dolls, they were there when you needed them and they brought you great joy and memories! YOu'll regret it if you sell them and they deserved to stay in there home!

oh no, do NOT sell your beloved "barbie" & friends!!!
by: christina

1st, i want to tell you, your story was so touching. i really did enjoy reading your story.
2nd, i would advise you against selling your beloved collection. if you do, you will regret it. i know i did.
i only had one or 2 "barbies" growing up {(malibu) "barbie" & (malibu) "p.j."}. i also had a "shawn cassidy" (not a "ken"). the only other dolls i had were 2 different sets of the "sunshine family".
now my (malibu) "p.j." was my favorite (i think it was the whole "2 ponytails" thing) and her light purple bathingsuit. but she didn't last too long for me. for some reason, her head had ended up splitting up the back where her hair is parted for the 2 ponytails. and so, i only had my later version of (malibu) "barbie".
and boy, did she go with me everywhere. i mean, i even tried to dye her hair when my grandma was dying her hair. but it didn't take and she stayed blonde. unfortunately at that time, i had a thing that i wanted her hair to all be one length, and for some reason, the "barbies" of that time seemed to have jagged, uneven hair. so, i ended up trimming my (malibu) "barbie's" hair just below her shoulders.
to make a long story short, i don't know what ever happened to her, but later on, i got a (superstar) "barbie", handed down to me from my older cousin and i trimmed her hair too.
i ended up selling my (superstar) "barbie" a few years ago, on ebay. and now, believe it or not, i have been trying to "replace" her!!!
i think i have found one that looks like my old (superstar) "barbie" after buying 3 different ones. and her hair is the original length. i'm not cutting her hair this time. heck, i even replace my later version (malibu) "barbie" that came in her original box!!! i have collected other sets as well, but my (malibu) "barbie" & (superstar) "barbie" dolls, definitely hold a special place in my heart!!! and everytime i look at them or hold them in my hands, my heart does a flip. because they are my "old friends". and i will never ever get rid of them for what they represent to me.
i regretted selling & losing my old dolls. even though i have replaced them, they are not my originals. but i'm learning to love the new ones as much as i did my old ones.
sorry for such a long message.
peace & love.....

by: Anonymous

I am a kid who wants to be a fashion designer and i have a large vintage barbie collection. my favorite is a blond ponytail #5 and her clothes. i love to mix and match her cloths to create new dresses sometimes i make brand new dresses. the style of the 1960s gives me inspiration and love to look at the dresses and outfits for hours after school. they mean a lot to me.

Wow...your story is similar to mine!
by: HLA

My father died five days before my sixth birthday. I went into a depression and my aunt bought me my first Barbie. Barbie was my "get away from reality" till I was probably getting to the 6th or 7th grade. I had a neighborhood friend "Becky" who shared my love for Barbie...only problem was she was four years younger than me but I didn't care. I did tell her as I got older not to tell anyone I was still playing with dolls HA!. I still have my Barbie, doll case, suzy goose bed with the pink pillow and coverlet, as well as the chifforobe and chest. Like you, we had no money for Barbie furniture so we used lids from perfumes, decorated boxes and just had a ball with Barbie. I could never understand why I could not part with Barbie then as I became an adult, I realized my Barbie had been so therapeutic for me during the darkest time in my life. I have grown daughters now and they recall how I would let them play with my Barbie when they were little and they have told me I only let them play with her right before the Christmas holidays. They have both said every year they anxiously awaited getting to play with Mom's Barbie. Barbie...she was my best friend just when I needed a friend. She was like the "Calgon take me away" commercial becuse she really did take me to a place where I could function.

memorys from the past
by: Nita

Please don't sell your dolls...I have kept mine and your story has so many great memories. I now collect clothes for my barbies it seems my parents got me the doll and house but no clothes. I hope you kept it!!

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